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  1. I agree with all the recent comments, but I've learned not to doubt Hastings. They almost always deliver a building with great finishes, especially on the interior.
  2. I'm in shock. (hyperbole warning) Take ten years of rapid growth and throw it in the trash. If this gets approved, shut down the UP board, it's over and we all have to find new hobbies. I'm only kidding... mostly, but seriously this is up there with signature tower levels of disappointment. just unbelievable. WOW!!!
  3. Seeing 805 Lea in this image kind of has me wishing they were going with the black exterior. It really calms down and blends the random window look.
  4. Just "activating" this block will be a huge win, regardless of height. Would be great to see something on the level of the shorty proposed in Gulch Central if it is in the shorter scale. Also, I'd be fine with "Burj Nashville" here if they wanted to build that instead...
  5. Ha! Did They really need a top or bottom 5 for this category? Seems like they really want you to know Phoenix is freakin' hot and The Bay Area is not. Great list.
  6. I assume you're talking about Franklin Plaza on Columbia Ave just south of the Franklin Police Department. Hopefully it's just a matter of time and sooner than later. It's been cleaned up and empty looking like it's ready for demolition for months.
  7. I'm also very excited about this one. I moved down close to this area a few months ago and I drive by the bridge construction once or twice each day; seams like things are moving along okay relative to the timeline of this one. Does anyone have any news about the about the potential Children's Science Center going in on Carothers Parkway? I can't seem to find anything new on it since 2019 when they approved the rezoning. https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/local/williamson/2018/12/10/discovery-center-murfree-spring-museum-franklin/2243535002/
  8. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I kind of like this one. Simple, linear design with a soft curve. It's not the most eye catching building, but I think it will fit in and contrast well with future development in the Gulch.
  9. That's interesting, I hadn't heard about the issues at 432. I guess the engineers learned from mistakes at 432 and applied design changes to the two "taller skinnies" down the street. I know one or both have a stepped effect. Maybe that'll help? I guess we'll see.
  10. You make very good points and I agree, it is puzzling. Even with all those boxes, the contrast in the two timelines seems more than it should be. Interesting stuff, indeed.
  11. Much welcomed to the neighborhood! Hopefully more to come. Maybe one or two of those businesses displaced by the Mapco expansion at Trousdale & Harding (Back to Cuba, Best Donuts, etc...) can move in when it eventually opens...
  12. I wonder if the special construction style of the Embassy floors (full concrete boxes for every room) had anything to do with slowing it down too? I have no expertise, it's just my guess/assumption.
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