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  1. I believe we may see a DRB agenda item for this in the next 3 months.
  2. There was a chick fil a in the Daniel building? When was that?
  3. You'd be correct. Here is the old ITB for that project. https://www.clemson.edu/giving/cufoundations/structure/culsf/culsf-flex-lab-building-project/documents/invitation-for-bids.pdf
  4. Looks like the Church scooped that one up as well.
  5. I don't love that they went out of town for this contract with a GC from atlanta but oh well..
  6. Buttttt I saw this piece sitting on the side of the road in Florida. Must be headed our way soon!
  7. Tigers81

    The West End

    The evergreens already exist on site. I bet they are trying to reuse them in lieu of paying the tree fine to the city.
  8. I agree the masons are doing an awesome job of emulating old European feel.
  9. Tigers81

    The West End

    Looks like it is a Crazy Mason Milkshake bar. Base 360 is the GC. https://www.base-360.com/portfolio/crazy-mason-milkshake-bar/
  10. So a very thin building overall?
  11. Excited to see work begin at new realm, although I wonder if it is just for design as I don't recall them going through DRB yet??
  12. I would assume the city would need to step in and pay for a portion of that work if they want it to happen. Question becomes how high do you build? You will never camouflage everything. Seeing as Duke installed the critter guard fence a few years back doubtful they will put more money toward it unless necessary.
  13. Looks like work has started at 711 West Washington and the contractor is Mavin.
  14. Anyone know what is going on Laurens Road next to the QT at 85? Choate is the contractor on it.
  15. I am definitely in agreement, just pointing out the lines, as invisible as they may feel.
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