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  1. LeMans Karting in Duncan is looking to move back to downtown Greenville. They left the city limits quite a few years back but have closed their current location and are looking toward downtown.
  2. $345k building permit issued to "Eight O'Clock Partners LLC". They were incorporated in September of 2020. Not that this helps much but that is the extent of what i could find.
  3. Liquid Highway? They are fully drive through though.
  4. Wow that is a large project, and its IN Anderson and not just near Anderson. My only concern is this will only make traffic even worse on the already backed up 29...
  5. Woodfield Development. https://woodfielddevelopment.net/communities/408-jackson/
  6. I have been wondering why that property hadn't been developed yet for the past 5 years.
  7. Incognito mode on the browser. Google Flights. I backcheck with capital one travel to see if I want to use points. Incognito mode is key with booking travel. You can run a simple test and look it up in an incognito browser. Then look it up in a normal browser, and refresh a few times. The rate will go up in the regular browser but not the incognito.
  8. Tigers81

    The West End

    Public Invited to Review Draft West End Small Area Plan https://greenvillesc.gov/1824/West-End-Small-Area-Plan The City of Greenville and Urban Design Associates (UDA) will hold an in-person, drop-in style public meeting for the West End Small Area Plan on Tuesday, June 22 from 5 to 6:30 p.m. at Fluor Field (please use the entrance at 945 S. Main Street). The purpose of the meeting is to give West End residents and stakeholders and the general public an opportunity to discuss the project with City and UDA staff. There will not be a formal presentation. Instead,
  9. Anyone know is AECOM Hunt is doing all the Construction now that YPS is going under?
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