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  1. Downtown Raleigh has surprised many of us during the last few years with several projects that promise to make downtown a livable and desirable place. Successful revitalization efforts have converted several areas of downtown into destinations, placing them at the top of our "areas to watch" list. There was a short period of time when announcements came out as if the sky was the limit (in terms of numbers, not height). By far, the largest project was Two Progress Plaza's 19-story tower, which is currently hosting many of the company's employees; I am not sure whether the HQ were actually re
  2. This topic has really gotten out of hand its subject was supposed to be on Downtown RALEIGH nothing about charlotte. I would really like to stop focusing on how much Charlotte kicks Raleigh's mule in everything and just talk about useful things that could happen in downtown RALEIGH.
  3. I don't think that you are aware that people work in other places in the Raleigh than rtp. Yes rtp may have done a number on downtown development. But on the other hand, Raleigh might not be as well developed as it is today if rtp is defferent. There are other cities in the USA that were in similar situations as Raleigh is right now, and they have thriving downtown areas. Raleigh is just starting to see a focus on downtown development. Which will be good for letting people know that a downtown actually exist in Raleigh. The downtown area will not become anything amazing probably within the nex
  4. aww... u had me going that there were going to be pictures but i know what ur talking about i was walking in fsm about a week ago and kind of saw it
  5. i disagree with it being a 100% park completely saying that pullen park is only a couple of blocks down the road and that the D Dix's is so spectacular for development
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