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  1. Well, since the applicant stated "local coffee shop" and it's now part of the public record, the City would have good ground to stand on to deny an occupancy permit for a Starbucks.
  2. Starbucks has been trying to get a drive-through downtown for years now. Luckily the City has put a stop to that nonsense. Starbucks should be a secondary walking stop on a downtown trip, not the destination.
  3. Can one go camping if they make less than $15 an hour?
  4. The architecture would be fine for an inward-facing suburban apartment complex, but not for a public-facing development this close to downtown.
  5. What are the thoughts on the potential drive-thru component?
  6. The Citgo site and the adjacent properties are zoned RDV, so right now they would be capped at 20 units per acre.
  7. The main issue I have with the moratorium is not the notion that we should "press pause" and allow the Land Management Ordinance time to catch up with the Comprehensive Plan; rather, it's the language that implies that the single-family home is the only land use that matters. Yes, we should ensure that the new Land Management Ordinance properly addresses the relationship between commercial and residential. However, if we don't allow anything to be built next to our "holy" single-family homes, we won't be left with much of a walkable city.
  8. It applies to properties that 'abut' single-family residences, even at the rear. This essentially takes all of Stone Ave off the books. Significant portions of Laurens, Pleasantburg, Augusta are impacted.
  9. Council postponed action to April. If the moratorium goes through, I think it will have a bigger impact than you think it will.
  10. On tonight's City Council agenda. Moratorium on new commercial and multi-family development adjacent to single-family residential. https://www.greenvillesc.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/8168?fileID=38880
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