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  1. Nothing Bundt Cakes is opening tomorrow, by the way! At Hillcrest, besides the new Ross. It's a soft opening, and there is a LOT of excitement about this. We really like our cakes in Spartanburg! It will be nice for many not to have to drive to Greenville to buy their product.
  2. Not the most thrilling of prospects - I agree
  3. There is a building on the intersection of Zion Hill Road and Clifton Glendale Road that was purchased for $500,000 in 2020 by the 720 Group, LLC. A social media contact mentioned it being turned into a storage facility. If true, it'd make sense, with all of the units going up in the Main Street area.
  4. I'm still blown away by the practically of it all - I used to live at Riverwind Apartments, and would often walk to the old Spartan High. I actually liked it, but if I would have had this sort of trail back then, I would have used it basically every day! The interconnectivity of all these various parts of the city is what has me the most excited about the Dan. Hopefully, it will created an even more integrated sense of community. Kudos to PAL and the rest of the gang for figuring out ways to constantly improve on the system.
  5. At today's Planning Commission session, DEVELOPER COASTAL PARTNERS, LLC, requested that the Coca-Cola property as well as an adjacent one be REZONED TO B-3 PDD (Planned Development District) so as to allow for greater density and the ability to phase the project. The motion received UNANIMOUS APPROVAL, which means the project will now go before City Council for a First Reading of Ordinance as early as Monday, December 12, 2022. THE GOAL would be to turn the existing facility and its outbuildings into A MIXED-USE FACILITY possibly comprised of: Office space Retail Restaurants A gym A multi- family development This would be done in TWO PHASES: PHASE ONE would focus on the REDEVELOPMENT & REPURPOSING OF THE EXISTING FACILITY that is on the 500 West Main Street parcel (see picture). From the Developer: "The goal is to create a user and pedestrian friendly environment that will be a destination for both tenants and patrons alike. We envision enhanced indoor and outdoor gathering spaces which will offer a unique work/living environment. PHASE TWO would consist of the creation of a MULTI-FAMILY DWELLING UNIT made of primarily of one-bedroom units in the back parcel (see picture). From the Developer: "We believe that the first phase redeveloped building will act as a demand generator for the second phase." City Staff identified THREE MAIN STRENGTHS for this project, including: PRESERVING the historical integrity of Spartanburg BUILDING upon existing strengths of downtown EXPANDING the downtown experience further west A PUBLIC HEARING will also be scheduled on December 12 at the City Council Meeting.
  6. Same here - I posted this on my FB account, and the reviews of those who have actually been to one is nothing but high praise. I also received notification that there will be a formal announcement by Knowledge Perk in the coming weeks, and some people have already been invited to try their coffee - so, yes, it's happening!
  7. How you caught the coffee shop when it's not even showing up on their current site is beyond me! Apart from that, a coffee shop there should do great, with Wofford being across their street and their book store right there. The Regional crowd will be able to benefit from it quite well also. Having a place nearby to get away while waiting for results will be a great perk for many.
  8. Rumor mill has it that it would take $10M to renovate the theater towards this end. -If- true, we'll see if the endeavor remains feasible!
  9. I'm in favor, especially seeing that it will be flexible-use. Even having it host primarily eSports events would still be consistent with its historic DNA, which has always been entertainment, in one fashion or another. Plus, with the Chapman Cultural Center now being literally within the same block, it'd be redundant to have it be used as a theater. Financially, I don't see how it would be a feasible endeavor to restore and keep the place running. I, for one, hope this helps renovate this almost forgotten space in Spartanburg. I understand the hesitation that others have towards this, but I wonder if it doesn't derive mainly from stereotypes against e-sports as a whole. Granted, the place has excellent acoustics, which perhaps gaming in itself can't capitalize on as much as the arts, but seeing that it will be able to be used for concerts, now that to me is a moot point. Something to take into consideration is how important this would be tourism wise. It is a rapidly growing industry. With the Fairfield Inn still being planned for the property directly to the right, and with St. John Street Garage being right there as well, I think this will work very, very well in getting people to come for a night or two and shop around town. It's a win no matter how I look at it... with my limited perspective and biases, of course. I'm also a gamer, after all!
  10. Thank you! I've been sick and wasn't able to attend the meeting in person. It'd be so cool if they could be broadcasted as well! Wonder if regular citizens can livestream the meetings...
  11. Thanks for that. I was looking for a good explanation, and that would do it. I found this to be of interest: Financial incentives are available for non-responsible parties who have entered into the VCP. They include: State corporate income tax credit for expenses incurred by a taxpayer in cleaning up a site. For your convenience, the "Application for Ceretification Credit for Expenses Incurred Through Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program" form can be found at http://www.scdhec.gov/sites/default/files/Library/D-2722.pdf . Jobs tax credit in the amount of an additional $1000 to established job tax credit Property tax exemption, with county concurrence Fees in lieu of property taxes, with a $1 million threshold minimum Will need to read up a bit more tomorrow before posting on this elsewhere. The last thing I need is Brownfield laws keeping me up at night! XD
  12. Thank you for highlighting this, Westsider. Just saw it also, and it prompts a question I've had for a while: So Volunteer Cleanup Contracts - does it mean essentially that a company gets tax benefits due to it being considered a brownfield site, and in exchange, they have to ensure that any contamination that is present will not affect whomever ends up using the property moving forward? Is that the essence of it?
  13. I posted all the information I could find on this topic some months back here - https://www.facebook.com/GoSpartanburg/posts/pfbid029KJeVHvBjyva2iLDATx1L8m7D4YKHqnEazLYwB15Jb74Q1N33VfrWnxLgnaWYiu5l
  14. And with our very own Chapman Cultural Center being right around the corner now, I'm with you!
  15. Points from meeting: Preliminary approval was granted for the site plan; elevation concerns and some other caveats mentioned below will need to be worked out before full preliminary approval/final approval can be granted. Public hearing included one comment in support for the project, no comments were given against it. I picked up that the middle section will be a common green space area, perhaps a dog park, with trees for shade. The fourth floors will not be closed as they appear on the renderings, but rather open - think covered patio/terrace with a half bathroom. The intent is to provide some outdoor space, with some being covered, some open to sunlight. There will be a central mail collection area. SOME will be for sale (condominiums), SOME will be for rent. Trees and lawn are to be added between street and buildings and to be included in final renderings. Buildings will need to be elevated two feet above sidewalk and will need to appear in the renderings as well. Simplification of color scheme was recommended by Craig Lewis. At the same time, Kevin DeMark brought up concerns about a certain monotony of the rear façades of the building, and recommended that that be looked at also. While this will be examined more closely by the developer, the clarification that all balconies will be facing out towards the streets and not towards the back of the other building helped to allay fears of residents having to stare at blandness. The façade along Raindrop Street will also include brick like what will be present on façade facing Milan Street. Glass material used for windows will be with an eye towards energy efficiency/environmental concerns. The possibility of removing the wall separating the AC units in the roof area with the open terrace space will be considered. Elevations and grading issues will need to be worked out before full preliminary approval is granted; if everything is worked out at the next meeting, final approval may be granted then also.
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