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  1. A few shots from today of the McEwen Northside development in Franklin. Most of these elements are complete, but future phases appeared to be in progress nearby (excavation, fencing, etc.). Will post more soon. Looking SW from Spring Creek Dr., just west of Aspen Grove Dr. Retail of Mitsubishi complex Plaza in front of Mitsubishi Looking east from Aspen Grove Dr., north of McEwen Looking NW from intersection of Aspen Grove Dr. and Spring Creek Dr.
  2. Long time listener, first time caller here. As a first post, here are some shots from earlier today of the Berry Farms development in Franklin Looking NE from Captain Freeman Pkwy, across from Publix Looking south from Rural Plain Cir. Looking NE from Berry Farms Crossing, near northern roundabout Complete/Open Residence Inn Two Town Center (north side, then south side)
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