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  1. New hotel construction is non-existent. No new 10 story+ hotels starting construction since 2019.
  2. The nation is, in a tailspin. It's a surprise they would even admit it.
  3. In addition the lawsuit is also possibly an attempt to frighten off or change the plans of the Cumulus developers, or to get the planning committee to reject the Cumulus development plan.
  4. There was a "genius" who wrote that River North was a pipe dream. There was another "genius" who wrote something similar about Nashville Yards. And yet another who said 111 North First Street or River North could not be built if the other already exists.
  5. I know it's English, that's why I asked in the plainest English possible so the question could be understood by anyone. Again, how is a fight inside of a sports arena between two fans of opposing sports teams the result of "rowdiness" on Broadway? And if Broadway is as rowdy as you are bellowing, then how come there are so many men who are not "rowdy", older people , and younger women enjoying Broadway? Logic says those people would avoid a place like that like the plague. Also why would there be so many luxury high end hotels opening to cater to the people who go there? Are you saying their business model is to market to "rowdy" people? What is belligerent about asking for evidence of your declarative statement? Is this another one of those attempts to make up some infraction to escape having to backup a declarative statement by calling on moderators for a rescue?
  6. What does Broadway have to do with fans of opposing teams fighting? And while you're at provide a log of all of the "rowdiness" of Broadway.
  7. Fox as you already know has huge audiences. The other two routinely trounce CNN, MSNBC, and PBS. And they are just streaming apps.
  8. I don't know. Fox News, The Daily Wire, and The Blaze are making mince meat out of their competitors. So they obviously have a large cross section of demographics.
  9. Speaking of media, I've noticed on Fox News a lot of its contributors have the Nashville skyline in the background. That's awesome because Fox News is the highest rated news network by more than double its competitors. A lot of viewers get to see Nashville. Great advertising for free. I wonder, is it the quality that makes Fox News the highest rated network or the fact that people get to see Nashville regularly; or both.
  10. The Business Journal article also mentioned The Daily Wire moved its headquarters to Nashville. The Blaze has an office and broadcast center too. Nashville is really bringing in the media companies. And high value ones at that. Excellent catches. Nashville is on such a big wave. I wonder what triggered it.
  11. The Business Journal is doing sloppy work and writing. That two tower development is actually their new three tower development and the Peabody Union development is 32 stories instead of 25,
  12. The Business Journal says the Congress Group has a two-tower development proposal in the area but no details where.
  13. The people who live in City Lights must be the hedge fund manager Gordon Geko types. They've been able to deep 6 five scrapers.
  14. Pittsburgh looks old. No thanks. Nothing like buildings that look new. Keep building the new,
  15. This city doesn't need to run itself based on the media. No one believes anything those clowns say anyway. This city's fortune turned when people began raving about it by word of mouth in the mid '10s.
  16. You are wrong by 20 tons. I see people in their 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s, 40s, 30s, and 20s smiling, listening to music, and having a good time. Where you're getting menacing and out of control, who knows?
  17. I suggest you do. Because this is weird times x. Nobody should get this upset over observations that pictures of a city look the same. There's something definitely wrong there. There's so much more to life than a "skyline". E-gad.
  18. Show us where someone criticized him? Why so thinned skinned about asking him why all of the pictures people post of Charlotte look the same throughout the years? The poster dxfret commented just two days ago that: "The downtown Memphis skyline looks almost identical to 35 years ago". There was no hissy fit about that comment. So why now? For some reason or another people have posted pictures of Charlotte in various forums throughout the years and they all look the same as if nothing has changed. I and I'm sure others are curious to know why that is. Where's Grizzly Adams when you need him?
  19. Your reply made me notice something. The development projects differential and the differences in how developers eschew one and seemingly flick to the other. I wonder why that is. This is truly and duely fascinating.
  20. The pictures posted over the years all seem to look the same. Do you know why there are so few new buildings going up ?
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