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  1. I'd expect a public-private partnership to put housing over garages in current parking lot space before I'd expect relocation.
  2. Know most of the renderings have been from the circle side, but I can't wait to see what this + the Ritz looks like driving up Lafayette.
  3. Some quick searching shows that a chunk of that area opposite Craighead to the south and southwest of the stadium are part of Berry Hill, and zoning would already permit a 4-story version of what 8th South is turning into, which I would absolutely expect to see in parcels like this one.
  4. Didn't realize how much the stadium dwarfs the surrounding area... it'is going to be a huge catalyst for a ton of change in the next decade. Metro should be really intentional about tying the Fairgrounds into 8th South / Melrose area and even upzoning the other side of Craighead to try to extend the development pattern we've seen in Wedgewood-Houston.
  5. I know why this is the way it is, but it still makes me sad that they booted a bunch of local businesses off a prime intersection.
  6. This should be a slam dunk as is! But with the modifications that North Edgehill Commons site had to take, wouldn't surprise me if this one loses a story of height.
  7. Good to see this get moving again. I'm likely in the minority, but I've got conflicted feelings here - I'm sad to see it go to single story, but I'm thrilled to not have to deal with dozens of STRs just down the street. That corner is prime for two- or three-story mixed use with long-term rentals or condos.
  8. Could this bill be some gamesmanship from Metro Council to try to get the State to do something about these?
  9. Good to hear the architect is thinking about it, even if the developer is making less-than-optimal decisions. If developers cared about more than the next 3 years, they might build developments that can be further infilled and densified. The rendering above ain't that.
  10. I've been thinking about conversions of less-old warehouses. Places like Werthan Mills were built as industrial buildings and weren't considered pretty or chic when constructed. But 100 years for now, will our great grandchildren be moving into lofts in Amazon distribution centers?
  11. I love that this intersection is continuing to evolve, but I hate the amount of surface space taken up by parking in that plan.
  12. Realistically, with it being zoned IG today, what could a developer expect to build on this lot?
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