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  1. A return trip to the top of Rockefeller Plaza (30 Rock, RCA, or the GE - its all the same)... NOVEMBER 1, 2005 The model of the RCA building, similar to the model of the ESB... 1. ___ The Empire State Building, bathed in my favorite color, blue... 2. 3. 4. The view up here will be even more spectacular when the BofA is completed, lending its spire to the cityscape... 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Another attraction is the laser
  2. A great gift to skyscraper lovers has reopened - the deck at the top of Rockefeller Plaza. Closed since the 80's, it has returned as what will no doubt be one of New York's "do not miss" attractions. Everyone who visits the city should make it a priority, but until then, here are some pics taken earlier today... NOVEMBER 1, 2005 We began in a glass-roofed elevator, a hint of the spectacle to come... 1. A glimpse of what awaits outdoors... 2. The view of Central Park... 3. It's the motherland of the skyscraper, so
  3. Other than skyscrapers, NY is known for its great bridges. Like the subways, the bridges help tie the city together....Its one of the reasons I think the East River bridges should remain free of tolls...
  4. This is my first post on this board, so why not start with a little tribute to the Big Apple and the towers it has become known for...
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