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  1. Agree. Unfortunately I don't think 3 of those are changing anytime soon just due to inertia. But that crappy little Subway and Chanellos? Honestly boggling that site hasn't been redeveloped years ago.
  2. Yep, that was my exact thought. No problem with CVS, just needs to be an urban one, bring the building up to the corner get rid of the surface lot and put a parking deck in back by the alley.
  3. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/10/07/longtime-hardees-on-arthur-ashe-blvd-closes/ Hardees on AA closing. That thing is an eyesore with an oversized parking lot, hopefully something nice goes in. Next we can get rid of the CVS.
  4. There's no way that's getting torn down. Project has to be on the other side of the block on that surface lot.
  5. VCU was largely a commuter school just 15 years ago, not sure if they are still trying to transition into a more on campus student base with more student housing.
  6. I wasn't aware it was student housing. Same as the Ascend on Broad. I'll take them either way, but would be better if they were luxury condos.
  7. That was my thought when I read it. Eh, some nice up-fill but not a game changer. I think part of it is there is already a decent development there, it's just being altered.
  8. I walked across the site just the other day, I thought they had at least been drilling core samples but I didn't even see any evidence of that. Absolutely nothing has been done.
  9. Whatever happened to Locks 7 and 8 along the Canalwalk at the old Reynolds building? Progress on former BW3 Apts
  10. Agree. One looks nice, the other looks like a cheap imitation of it.
  11. I missed that the Dominion building across the street was being converted to apts as well. That's good news for new apts but also dominion shedding buildings. Keeping alive my hope they sell off their riverfront HQ (making it a nice neighborhood accessible to all) and all other offices and replace them with that 2nd tower they had planned.
  12. Richmond was doing OK on it's own, now for the first time we have the city and public interest groups coordinating in an actual marketing campaign to bring in new businesses. Hopefully we get some great results. Success also begets success, lots of NOVA people moving down here for better quality of life and working remote. Well once they are here businesses will see the talent pool in RVA and be more willing to relocate here because of it.
  13. Someone said as part of the project they are connecting Manchester St and Duval with a bridge over the canal. Might be for that.
  14. Yeeeeessss! Love this. 20 story glass curtain. This is exactly what I was hoping for on this spot PLUS a 6 story office building. Looks great, shiny new face of the city off of 95, love this project. Great news after disappointing Diamond District stuff. Hopefully it doesn't get downsized, but honestly even if it ends up down to 15 stories this is still great.
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