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  1. The ground slopes to the one side and this view makes it look like the lower end of the slope has plenty of room for another level half above ground (opposite end of the building would obviously be fully below ground)
  2. Not a baseball fan but glad the Braves left and we got the Squirrels. The Braves always acted like we owed them something, like we were some dump ass town that was lucky to have them. Screw the Braves. The Squirrels are way better at what they do, they know how to not just market their team but create goodwill around town - and that's reflected in the tickets sales numbers vs what the Braves were. I'd much rather have a "lesser" team that's all in on Richmond than a "better" team that thinks they're too good to be here. That said I'm paywall blocked on RTD-, anyone want to share b
  3. i don't think that's a pool. it's super tiny but also where would the bottom of it go? the floor below that is normal/consistent all the way across. pool would have to be less than a foot deep.
  4. https://richmond.com/business/dominion-energy-is-selling-one-of-its-downtown-office-towers/article_e7706c31-84fc-52b0-8419-c08a16b581c1.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-1 Selling their other downtown tower. I'm blocked by paywall but it would be great if this was going down the path of them eventually building that 2nd tower. Somehow I doubt it.
  5. Yep that was a scam plan to pretend the owners actually intended to do anything with the property so they could get more money from VCU
  6. Have long waited for something to happen with that building. It's begging for premium retail with a few condos or offices upstairs.
  7. https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/08/26/vuu-plans-hotel-in-carver-as-it-rolls-out-hospitality-management-programs/ Hotel that was planned for corner of Brook and Lombardy is now going across the street from Maggie Walker, VUU still plans to develop site on the corner of Brook and Lombardy using the original design. Storefronts at street level with classrooms above instead of hotel rooms, sounds like relocating classrooms in the building they will redevelop to build the hotel. No timeline on start or completion of the project, but 1 of 2 ways to look at it: they know the targ
  8. This. There is tons of river access/park space in this city, not like we are protecting the last few bits of it. There is a large existing park literally adjacent to this one, and another one 1/10 mile down the road. Just don't see the need to turn this spot into a park, especially given its just a muddy field no one uses, I don't think people will suddenly start using it because it is now officially a park. Yes they are building a nature center, but it's going to be on the one little corner of the property that is up at street level, not the larger part that is down the hill. Th
  9. That's good to know, but even if not required by zoning law I think the developers will likely want a more suburban appeal w tons of parking because a large part of the attraction for them is that this retail is at the confluence of 95 and 64, so not just suburbanites but out of towers coming here as a destination, and those people will need a very car friendly environment.
  10. Agree, it's not going to be straight up strip mall, but unlikely it will be very urban type area either. I actually edited out strip mall of the original post because that's not what i meant. I think you hit the nail on the head, a Willow Lawn/Libbie Mill type development. Point being those are still pretty suburban with sprawling parking lots, just a bit more "modern suburban."
  11. As much as I'd love to see these urban Targets come here, I think with the massive amount of space available in the Diamond area people should prepare themselves for a pretty suburban development. We've all already lamented how the Wawa, car wash, etc going on in boulevard is pretty suburbanesque, most likely that is what will fill in the rest of the area.
  12. Still patiently waiting for the Diamond area RFP to be issued... last I saw RTD quoted a city official as saying late summer 21. That area will see a major transition, and developers know it, which is why they are already popping up around it - this development, the Wawa on Boulevard, etc. Need a Target in there badly.
  13. VCU has an enrollment of 31k. How many of them were living in Richmond during the pandemic? There's your difference. Sucks because this will determine funding, congressional districting etc for another ten years.
  14. Does the canal connect? Right now the western part seemingly dead ends at the Newport Cross then goes down a little controlled waterfall back into the river. The eastern part goes under the referenced Reynolds building (still pedestrian accessible) to a set of locks behind the building next door, then...? under the road? Do they connect underground? Where is the source of the western portion of the canal?
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