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  1. This is a good development (7/10 on my scale) but honestly, there are some aspects of this project that are just lazy design. This took up some precious real estate for the area, and would have loved to seen higher quality finishes and more creative design choices. But ultimately, I'm happy to see such a large scale project get implemented in this neighborhood.
  2. Strolling through Ivanhoe Village and saw this architectural gem. I just don't understand how one could let a building like this sit underutilized. Hope to see adaptive reuse take play here in the near future. I must say, I haven't found a better urban neighborhood in the city than Ivanhoe Village/Lake Highland (just my opinion). Has all the ingredients of a great urban lifestyle (mixed use, walkable, access to transit, many jobs nearby, boutique shops and dining, trails/parks, access to healthcare and high quality education, etc.) I hope the neighborhood can reach its urban potential wit
  3. 13495 Veterans Way Progress being made on this project. The curved edges on this building really makes this simple build standout. A rooftop bar/restaurant would of been a great addition (but I won't make a fuss). The two ground floor spaces are said to be under negotiations (Hoping for a boutique coffee bar that serves alcohol rather than a foxtail duplicate). Although its unlikely, It would be cool to see a co-working space like Spaces, WeWork or Industrious occupy the upper floors.
  4. Just for you @jgardnerucf
  5. Some of the exterior lighting on The Wave displayed for the first time . This building is going to glow at night! Its a beauty for Orlando.
  6. Yes I think the elevations sell it short. Eager to see some renderings. The elevations appear somewhat similar to the pictures at the bottom of the post. Just happy to see hotels continue to have faith in the Lake Nona market. The location is great, guest will be able to walk over to the Drive Shack for some entertainment and dining. And a cheap Uber ride to the town center. It’s not in the league of The Wave hotel but it’s a complimentary hotel addition to the area.
  7. Lake Nona Aloft Hotel 6-story hotel, next to Drive Shack and north of S.R. 417. Orlando, Fla. – (Oct. 7, 2021) – Today, Lake Nona is announcing plans for an all-new Aloft Hotel, part of Marriott Bonvoy’s portfolio of 30 extraordinary brands. Incorporating a bold, vibrant design, the 205-room Aloft Lake Nona will showcase the brand’s signature music programming, lively social scene, and the hospitality industry’s latest technology. Located on Lake Nona Boulevard just north of SR 417, the six-story hotel will be minutes from Lake Nona’s top sports attractions including Dri
  8. I'm extremely excited for the opening of The Wave! This is the signature Lake Nona project and it's stunning. One of the most innovative and well designed buildings in Orlando. The new restaurants and bar are going to be amazing (see link below for unique dining details). https://www.fb101.com/2021/10/revolutionizing-the-orlando-hospitality-scene-lake-nona-wave-hotel-introduces-transformative-dining-experiences/ What's most exciting is that now The Wave is almost complete, the Lake Nona Resort will get some attention and hopefully break ground in 2022 (also designed by arquite
  9. A few renderings from earlier this year of a possible office building likely located in the town center (6718 Tavistock Lakes Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827 I'm guessing is the address) for now dubbed as "The Prestige Office" that will include Class-A office space and medical offices, in addition to retail and restaurant space feeding the plaza. The food and beverage space will incorporate a jewel box design (similar to the design in Miami World Center). Based on the renderings it appears this building could be adjacent to the Lake Nona Performance Club and likely apart of the One Performance Plaza.
  10. Disappointing plan and renderings. Absolutely no vision. There is nothing creative, interesting or exciting about this. I just don’t understand why Orlando keeps getting these mediocre development ideas. It’s sad…
  11. Tavistock is preparing to deliver yet another great addition to the town center. This office building is adjacent to the office building KPMG recently tookover, and in front of the DNA garage. Check out some renderings and more details below. No slowing down the development of Lake Nona and excited to see more well designed, and dense projectsin the near future. There have been talks around the community of more deep pocket investors interested in the community. So this could be a placeholder for disney or lure another big name company to the area. Lets see!!
  12. Exclusive: Tavistock picks Turner Construction to build Lake Nona office rumored for Disney Aug 27, 2021, 4:09pm EDT http://media.bizj.us/view/img/12085831/hq-b01*304xx2430-1620-285-0.jpg Tavistock Development Co. Construction on the future eight-story office building is expected to start in September 2021. Another big Orlando office project — with a major rumored tenant — is expected to kick off construction soon despite challenges the real estate sector has faced during the pandemic. Orlando-based Tavistock Dev
  13. Totally agree with you. Orlando’s brand is Disney. Downtown needs a strong vision and to brand itself outside of just the municipal center. For Orlando to be one of the most visited places in the world, downtown is losing its opportunity to capitalize on that notoriety by not offering a unique experience for residents and tourist. i would slightly disagree with the height priority for Orlando. Not saying it’s the number one priority as I think walkabity, better architecture and transportation are greater priorities for Orlando. But D.C. is unique in the fact that it is arguably the
  14. I agree the close proximity of single family neighborhoods to downtown makes Orlando very unique. But it’s also a drawback when you consider the very limited height restriction for downtown buildings. There is no where for urban development to expand since it can only go up so high vertically. Orlando would benefit greatly if there were a “midtown” area that could focus on cleaner, newer, modern urban development and focus on attracting high end consumers. It’s hard to mix the grit and current crowd of downtown with more sophisticated and cultured individuals who want an urban lifestyle but a
  15. Okay, in that case I completely agree with you and share the same sentiments! I try and use context when speaking about what is urban here. So I definitely don’t use urban in the context of global urbanism, I use it in the context of Central Florida urbanism. So I would never speak about Orlando or Lake Nona when I talk with friends and family in Miami, Atlanta or D.C. about real estate or urbanism I won’t disagree with you one bit on that point!
  16. nothing comes out as originally planned, but doesn't mean it lacks value. Lake Nona will be one of the largest life science clusters in the southeast. what is the gripe with this development that is nationally acclaimed by many others except the own residents of Orlando? You cannot name 5 other developments currently under construction bringing more value to the city than Lake Nona. Do you consider any development outside the city center urban? Or does a place have to be a pre-war neighborhood to be considered urban? im very curious...
  17. Couldn’t one make the same argument from the opposite side about the core of the city? Is downtown just as welcoming to heterosexual, right leaning, upper-class Christians? Does downtown cater to high end and luxury consumers? Diversity goes both ways. People naturally want to be around other like minded individuals, and there is nothing wrong with that. Historically the problem has been forcing people to live in on side of town versus the other. But people have the freedom to live anywhere they want. And if people of like minds naturally concentrate in one small area of town out of their free
  18. The last two are the Urban District/Greenlink (image below shows exact location) . Also, check out the link below for a fly-through of what the greenlink and urban district could look like. Loads of potential and if this gets executed I think many people will change their stance on Lake Nona being urban. https://www.halvr.com/greenlink
  19. Yes trust and believe I don't think Lake Nona is the prototype development but I do think its great considering what type of development central Florida is accustom to outside the city center. And I totally agree that narcoossee is a let down. But who knows, in 15 or 20 years that area could go through sprawl repair and we can see that shopping center turn into a mixed use development. The urban district is by far the most exciting area of lake nona and will be main focus of urbanism. The town center is limited to lower height restricts and cannot include any residential therefore it cann
  20. Lake Nona deserves more credit in the walkability department. As I mentioned before, a family can walk to restaurants/bars, hair salon/barber shop, offices/jobs, hospital/medical facilities, performance club, multiple parks, daycare, schools, coffee shops, and more. You cannot do this in 99% of suburbs across America. Also, once the street network of woonerfs are completed in the town center it will arguably one of the best pedestrian experiences in Orlando. There are three parking garages in Lake Nona town center and again, 99% of suburbs that may incorporate a "town center" in their developm
  21. Anxious to see what Disney does here. Seems like they want to compete with the villages. They surely have much space to work with in the Sunbridge area. Celebration 2.0 for the active adults???
  22. Excited to see more people living on I-Drive. This corridor has the potential to be a world class urban experience in the future and I hope it lives up to it (if it capitalizes on taller buildings and brings light rail to the corridor). While this projects pushes I-Drive in the right direction, I would love to see taller residential and mixed buildings (10+ stories at least, but to the scale of the Hyatt Regency is ideal). Outside of downtown I-Drive has the least amount of height restrictions within the region, they need to start capitalizing on this! This is prime real estate and I hate to
  23. Yes, it appears to be lighting surrounding the balcony. Its a very cool design feature. Adds to the colorful Orlando Skyline at night which is one of my favorite aspect of downtown. Bring more color in the sky!! Yes New York is the only place that comes to mind with a few buildings combining condos and office space. I'm sure investors and developers still have PTSD from the housing crash, but over 10 years without a new condo tower in downtown is pretty ridiculous. And they better keep building Class A office space downtown because if not, you know there is a beautiful, bra
  24. Interesting design. Glad they decided to incorporate residential into the use of this projects. Just wish they were condos!
  25. Agreed! Downtown desperately needs more condos. A desirable regional shopping/entertainment destination would be great. Kinda like a Brickell city center vibe. Or even a small themed district would be cool too, like a brewery district. I just hope to see something architecturally interesting built it the core.
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