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  1. So, posting photos is beyond me today....just know that Lake Monroe is a lot bigger today. There's a berm built up for people to get to Marina Isle and the water is up to the bottom of the orange channel marker.
  2. Met a long time friend for lunch in Sanford today and took a look around at all the water covering the Riverwalk.
  3. I think my son and his girlfriend recently looked either at that house or one next door for a rental but the rental application fee was crazy ($400) and they weren't that in love with it. I really like that area though.
  4. We were also very fortunate here in SODO. Lost power around 10 Wednesday night and it came back Thursday night. Yes, that wind Thursday morning was crazy. Two neighbors lost trees then and that's when our screen room screens ripped a bit but on the whole doing just fine. No internet yet but a fine time to figure out the hotspot for a few minutes. As predicted my kid has been directing traffic. She even made it to instagram.
  5. Thanks @HankStrong! And let's all remember the bit about blinking traffic lights being treated as four way stops. My daughter is a community service officer for OPD and probably has lots of traffic directing in her future.
  6. yes, just ask the residents of Key West who voted out the cruise ships...
  7. We spent yesterday driving home from Tennessee. (we had briefly considered stopping in Tallahassee on the way home for FSU v BC since we have season tickets but then my husband made the adult decision/realization that that idea was folly because we are no longer young. ) We followed along with UCF, UF and UM games on an app while I drove and at first I thought he was making up some of those scores. Well done Knights and Notes!
  8. Not John and Yoko so much but I do get a Duke and Duchess of Windsor feeling in that they gave everything up for each other. I saw a headline that the brothers have reconciled though so hopefully that works out for them.
  9. I wonder to what extent WAWA affected the Shell stations business?
  10. When I worked at the health department in the early 90's I was part of the group that would do perc tests/soil profiles for septic tank installations. One day a coworker and I went to meet a developer in an area off Conroy Rd. We both scoffed when he told us they'd be building million dollar homes there in a project called Isleworth.
  11. The FSU game was such a roller coaster for both sides. Definitely a nail biter to the end! The Florida game was exciting to the end as well. Great weekend!
  12. I love the history center! For a couple years my office was at 1 N Orange Ave. When the history center had their grand opening a couple of us walked over for it. Imagine my surprise when I saw the history center brochure with my daughters photo on it! She'd gone to a Christmas break camp at the science center and one of the days there they had a pioneer day so there was my kid looking very Little House on the Prairie-ish. Also, every January you can go pick up the free city of Orlando photo contest calendar.
  13. Election night results watching going to be like...
  14. I didn't even have to ask my adult kids for help!
  15. “No! We’ve got great candidates! Look at the background of these people. These are wonderful individuals that believe in this country, and they believe in the right things,” From the Florida Politics article. Totally heard this in Trumps voice in my head () as I read it.
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