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  1. I really do hope we can get this. I wonder if they could set up shop on the compound NIH Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and EPA already share.
  2. https://www.studio27arch.com/project/geerhouse/ In the parking lot behind Motorco
  3. For GeerHouse, last I heard it was reduced to 15, from 18 originally. First phase was supposed to be 8 or 9 and is now 6 I think.
  4. That's my understanding. I think I saw that its going to be, at least partially, demoded. Still looks like podium parking underneath with ground level retail. This is roughly going where an originally planned residential/hotel twin to Durham Center (DCRI tower) was going to go.
  5. Someone on another forum found this: Durham Center II. Looks to be on the other side of the parking deck the current Durham Center (DCRI building) sits on. Apparently some early documents were submitted last week. The original plans for Durham center had a twin residential/ hotel tower for this spot. But those plans never came to fruition. https://craigdavisproperties.com
  6. I think that could be the new name for the Elan Innovation District. Its in the same area. But I havent been down that way in a while so I can't say for sure. http://www.buildingbullcity.com/2019/06/quick-hits-elan-innovation-district.html
  7. https://www.wral.com/wake-leaders-reveal-more-about-apple-s-1-billion-investment-in-north-carolina/19721291/ WRAL has released some screenshots of what the Apple Campus will look like. So far, it will incorporate both retail and residential in addition to the office space. Looks like there will be some density/ height to it as well. **Edit: Now that I watched the presentation and took a closer look at the photos. I believe this is just more photos of HUB RTP, 3 miles to the north of where Apple bought land.
  8. I was able to read the first part of the article. Its planned for the area across from Southern Village. At least right now it is slated to be 55+ and 'workforce' housing. Mainly multi-family structures, townhomes/ condos. Also plans for quite a bit of green/ preserved space.
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