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  1. I’m so hopeful for LED Lights at the top of this project soon. It seems so barren at the top at night I cannot imagine that they wouldn’t.
  2. So 443’ official height for this project off documentation we have so far? I will update tube Wikipedia if so
  3. I have an excel file based off the wiki i have been working on and want to graphically show, hopefully soon, it is something i have thought about recently. trying to think the best way to estimate usable floor height and account for ATT and similar buildings. Might have to be a rough estimate!
  4. I have always thought we are trending in a appropriate level of height amongst buildings in a way. If you look at the time table of built and proposed in relation to usable floor height we have trended up over time. When accounting for the vanity height of ATT with the spires, it realistically is in the 400’s at usable floor height. We have surpassed that greatly and continue to build up (four seasons, Ritz Carlton, and pinnacle). That doesn’t mean I don’t wish we could just go 800ft however haha, just that we have seen height growth just not perfect. I do hope however it is a domino
  5. I really cannot wait to see this project go vertical with more floors. Going to be a fun one to watch get built especially with its unique architecture.
  6. I have corrected the expected Height as well as the addition of the Residential Tower to the Wikipedia page. Should appear correct from now on.
  7. Do you think we may see more potential with the under utilization of the Beaman property near by to really push these 41 story Office and 28 story residential into reality?
  8. Looks like the last of the glass of the glass just finished, we finally have a top to our second tallest!
  9. Apologies if this has been discussed in the the thread already, but has anyone heard anymore on the expected completion date of the hermitage whataburger?
  10. I’m sure crossroads at the gulch will be excited to lose their view, but it was going to happen eventually.
  11. If anyone else was curious, for what these projects could look like height wise compared to the current skyline. I have rough estimated the current TV Tower on the property to be anywhere around 395 - 410 feet. So this property could be a major skyline addition from the south and east side even if not the full 45 floors.
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