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  1. "The remaining 245 units will be constructed in phase two during the development of the smaller 16-story north tower." 28-story to 26-story and 17-story to 16-story. Both towers were revised last minute
  2. I think it's supposed to be shadows--notice how they get progressively smaller as you descend levels, as if it's closer to sunrise/sunset time.
  3. ajc


    Happened on the grounds of AdventHealth, and the patient was taken to ORMC. Interesting
  4. Ah, yes. I remember when the urban parachuter made his news rounds. Still in awe someone really thought this was a good idea:
  5. New development on this proposal by GrowthSpotter: https://www.growthspotter.com/news/downtown-orlando-developments/gs-news-oma-summa-chihuly-20210915-3mdovg3gzrhvlmdjlyxg3rmrcy-story.html
  6. I think it's just an older rendering before the height adjustments that they reuse
  7. Any pics of Hank's? I can't find anything online.
  8. Yep. The first rendering was the best looking imo. It was sleek, modern, and unique for Orlando. It would've been eye-catching from I-4. I think we can all agree the second rendering was the worst. Just awful. And now this newest rendering looks really good, it's just something I'd more so expect to see in other cities. Hopefully it gets built as-is, though, and ASAP.
  9. From what I'm able to piece together during my time here, it's because Central Station/Crescent Central/what it's called was hyped up to be a huge investment and a landmark project in DTO, and instead we got a measly 6-story rectangle on otherwise prime real-estate. I guess it wasn't what a lot of people on here wanted, as most--me included--on here are height-enamored.
  10. Yeah, that was just in reference to the second tower. There's the 28-story south tower (phase I) and the 17-story north tower (phase II). The article points out that they're starting to pour the concrete core for the 17-story tower already, suggesting the time gap between the two phases being completed possibly won't be large.
  11. New article on Society Orlando progress with tons of new construction pictures: https://floridayimby.com/2021/07/pmgs-society-orlando-begins-vertical-ascent-in-downtown-orlando.html I think it's worth mentioning that it appears they may be accelerating the construction of the two towers as they're pouring the concrete core for the 17-story tower now. Phase I & II might not be very far apart after all.
  12. ajc

    Orlando Health

    Here's an update pic of the Digestive Health Institute construction with Jewett Orthopedics in the background: Here's a few of the Jewett Orthopedic Institute itself: And finally, the construction site of the possible future heart and lung transplant institute, where they have demolished the building that was there: All photos were taken today, July 15th, 2021.
  13. If it turns out anything like the renderings, it should be about the same height as the second tallest “step” of the BOA tower. Not exactly sure how tall that’d be, but the City National Bank tower is just over 400’ and CitiTower is 275’. Definitely going to add some height to the area, not to mention how the towers will be a city block wide. Pretty big structure
  14. Nice to see this project get built. I was pretty skeptical it would go up since it was on pause for so long. But also, is that Nissan going the wrong way on Orange in that last picture?
  15. My two cents: the tree probably wouldn't be easy to incorporate, anyways. So, what should be done for a (hopefully) future development there, graft the tree or regrow it from an acorn or whatever, and plant that in a plaza/garden area of the development. Win-win. Its child would be part of the new structure's grounds and will grow with the city lol
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