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  1. As a recovering Libertarian, THANK YOU. It took me too long to realize just saying "GOV.T IS NOT THE ANSWER" is just an excuse not to try to fix issues and an easy way out of the conversation when you don't know how to argue a good solution. Housing is overpriced? Let free market handle it People are hungry? Let free market handle it War? Let free market handle it Slavery? Let free market handle it Tax cuts for the rich? Let the gov.t do that one
  2. Okay but it's not that simple. On one hand people want hand outs. One the other hand people need to go make more money. That's black and white, 1 and 0, left or right. Whatever you want to call it. There is a gray area to this: People shouldn't just have handouts (who is even realistically saying this?) but they also should be able to live on a wage. The problem these days is people have to get roommates past their 30s after working a decade. What type of society do we want where people have to rent in their 30s with roommates and they're not making enough money after a decade of work? Yeah, I already imagine a response of dog whistle 'THEY ARE LAZY!" so to get ahead of that I ask "Is EVERYONE lazy?!" People that can't buy a home are being too lazy? Did our real estate market go up because people suddenly stopped being lazy? OR maybe jobs aren't paying enough to keep up with living expenses. MAYBE mega investment firms are buying up property to rent and constructing 300 rental unit buildings and then they are price colluding / price fixing to jack up rents because they are starting to monopolize one of the most unhumane industries to price gouge: living space. MAYBE we are losing our neighbors homes because they can't pay the taxes anymore since taxes are $10k a year but they bought their home for $10k in 1972 (literally, my neighbor) then an investor comes in and buys it for cheap and now the neighborhood is full of renters paying cash to some guy in an office in Albuquerque who doesn't even know he owns property in RVA nor does he care because all he cares about is that his excel sheet shows that he made an extra 1.23% profit this year more than expected. OR maybe people just asking for handouts and are lazy, yeah okay. C'mon, what logic is this. edit: behind the beotchs did a fun podcast on the rental market price fixing - they talk about how it's better to leave some units empty than to drop prices, as long as they raise prices on other units https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-behind-the-beotchs-29236323/episode/part-one-why-is-the-rent-104321463/ edit: i own rental property in RVA. I am part of a problem but we need a major systematic fix here by our governments. I'd be happy to sell my properties but it will just get scooped up. Already sold 1 this year and made sure it was to a family to help the neighborhood, and not the 3 investors trying to get into the market area.
  3. I'm with you here. I don't want my city to become an upper-middle-class playground. A city needs to have a car service shop, bus depot, apartments, grocery, paint store, etc. That's literally what makes it livable. If every time I need to take a long bus commute I need to travel to a neighboring county then what's the point of living in the city? So I can walk to the new, overpriced $15 taco shop in a cool "SoDoSoPa" urban feel? What's next? Our Lowes gets sold so we can build another 300 unit apartment complex? What then? Travel to Henrico Lowes I guess. RVA is more than just 5over1 apartment complexes or a CoStar tower. Any city is / should be. It's city living for all, not city playground for the select class of people that can afford it.
  4. Up for sale... again? Looks like an investment firm spent $100 million on property from Greyhound and this land was part of their package? Now they're trying to sell this part / Greyhound station property.
  5. I think we have some competition...
  6. Over the top Historic preservationists: PUT IT BACK ON!! We need to preserve *checks notes* 70s block architecture...
  7. Just to be cool and brag a little: I'm going to Cuba in a few weeks for vacation! There are only two airports that allow visas/flights to Cuba - Miami and Houston. The joy of being in RVA is that we have direct flights to both of those airports so that makes it a 1 stop for me. And it's slightly more expensive than traveling from DC but if you include the drive and parking the car then it's cheaper to fly from RVA. Gotta love our city!
  8. These are the niche groups I've been looking for my entire life. I'm up for it Imagine if we could time it with the CoStar crane?! Probably not a good idea - some of us may get too excited.
  9. Mike from RBS in a different thread said he believes it is 10 stories. Looking at the aerial view, I had no idea that was a parking deck... I never gave that building a second thought as it was always so badly run down. I also cannot believe that it has rooftop parking on it... I honestly didn't think that building was structurally safe to hold that convenience store much less cars on the roof.
  10. Mike, if you want to be noticed (more) around here, I vote to change your avatar to something more soothing for this forum... like, idk, a port-a-potty? Always great to see your insight. Thanks for the good work you do!
  11. Hmmm, I wonder else we should start talking about here... Anyone feeling RIC to Havana? Listen up, Breeze!
  12. It's been posted in RBS comments and reddit but I too have a question about this coming out to something like $325k per unit... this seems like a very high cost per unit to me..
  13. Unfortunately, plans change and we need to go to LA instead of SanFran. Wish Breeze had an LA route! Looks like there is a Norfolk>LA route...but it doesn't start until May. Interesting they didn't pick RVA to LA route.
  14. Pretty sure they make highly sensitive military equipment (drones, etc.) I think they also have a hand in fusion energy which, if proven successful (by anyone who is doing it), will revolutionize how we use and consume energy...tricky little thing but we'll probably get there. Hopefully before climate change takes the path of no return, yikes! I can't imagine eyes not being on you 24/7 when you're in there - you Russian/Chinese/Saudi/Iranian spy! https://www.citybiz.co/article/156250/general-atomics-leases-at-3twenty3-building-in-charlottesville/
  15. It's not Mr. Submarine but okay. Happy to see this moving forward, officially.
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