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  1. I think creating more land for our "locked" city makes sense as an investment, especially when it's so close to the city's economy hot spots like downtown, VCU, and Navy Hill (City Center). Look at it as a development booster. As soon as Jackson Ward is reconnected then Gilpin Court will (of course) be demo'd and there will be acres of land ready for development - Imagine an open area of the city that is as big (if not bigger?) that Diamond District but in a better location...some would argue Gilpin is in a better location than City Center / NH because it doesn't have to deal with pre-existing city buildings and issues. Take the survey here - my favorite is of course option 1 where we can actually reconnect the entire Jackson Ward: https://reconnectjacksonward.com/ If it makes any difference, it's federal money already allocated for bridge-cover projects like this. It's not like the feds will say "Okay, RVA. You can either use this for Jackson Ward Bridge Park or you can invest it into your schools and the 12 story Admiral building!" ha! Sorry, I had to bring in the Admiral just to poke ourselves that it may still exist!
  2. I'd love to see this done with Carytown to Byrd Park and Randolph neighborhoods. Reconnect it all... one could build thousands of new row houses using that land...or 10,000+ apartments/condos. You could build entire neighborhoods on top of the expressway line - just so much wasted space.
  3. Fort Worth, Tulsa, and Phoenix looking like Monroe Ward
  4. This spot has been empty for quite some time and density would be great. The back to back is a great idea - I don't think a house facing that alley will be too much of a negative for a buyer, it's quite open and clean back there compared to the average alley. Kudos to the developer for density. Wish the project allowed for more height with retail at base. Now that would be special. Main st and Cary st past Arthur Ashe boulevard were pedestrian deserts. Areas that didn't serve much purpose except for a few restaurants and bars clumped together on some intersections. I'm happily surprised to see it more alive and seeing people extend their typical Cary St walk across Arthur Ashe boulevard. My child's daycare is on Main st (fan area) and we regularly walk around before and after pickup and I now see all types of people walking up and down where it was typically empty years ago. Very exciting.
  5. I remember graduating in the early 10s and having to interview in DC. I thought my friends who were living in Tyson's Corner were outliers, figured they just found a cheap place to live literally in some corner of the town. Nope. Even the interviewer in DC told me to live in Tyson's as it was the place to be for young people at the time. Not because it was cheap whatsoever: Friend was sharing a 3 story (+basement), updated building with 4 other guys and each were paying $1100 a month just for rent...and he said he was getting a deal at the time!
  6. Great pictures, thank you for posting. I drive by there a few times a week and this work must be relatively new or I'm blind... but then again, I haven't used my car in a while. If anyone is interested, this is what renderings are for new site. I do wish it had porch balconies to make the space feel more open and social. Overall, I like it... amazing what some art on a wall can do to a building:
  7. With the way the stock market has been and the talks of recession, I wouldn't be surprised if RVA pulled the short straw here and we never see the CoStar building go up. Costar stock is down -45% and we don't see signs of bottoming out yet... Maybe this is a small dip and things will continue as they have been since 2020... or maybe we are in for one hell of a year of disappointment. I look forward to quoting myself in the next 6-12 months and saying "wow was I wrong!" Here's to CoStar breaking ground any day now, sooner rather than later I hope.
  8. I love how everyone's perspective is different when it comes to art. One perspective is that the development is "killing RVA" while other perspective like yours is summed up as "This is the grim reaper cutting our development in half unfortunately!" Thoroughly enjoying seeing the different perspectives
  9. I've never been more triggered in my life!
  10. Let's not overly give credit to this "free market" b/c the free market is also building a mini-strip mall parking lot hell with drivethru fast food across the street. Shame on Thalhimer for this - what a wasted opportunity to create one hell of an attachment to the Diamond District and they chose do this: https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/01/03/chicken-finger-chain-raising-canes-plans-to-move-up-in-pecking-order/ If the "FrEe MaRkEt" had its way the entire Diamond District would look like the above rendering.
  11. Love the new design and progress they are making. My only wish is to make the front of the building on Arthur Ashe blvd more approachable. I lived on boulevard for years and had no idea I could just walk up to that building and go inside of it. With it being next to the Daughters of the Confederacy building, they both make this "fortress" feel that does not invite you in. VMFA did a great job naturally gravitating people to the side/rear entrance. I've been to VMHC 3x in my life and have never used the back entrance...didn't even know it was an option. I honestly thought VMHC was just a vague name for another pro-confederate historical society and didn't think much of it.
  12. What is your recommendation? "demo it all and let free market handle it" is a recipe for disaster. A developer will build whatever is in their profitable interest with the land they own. They don't care how it connects to other parcels or how it looks from the stadium or highway or street. They are simply there to maximize profit. If we allowed the developers to do anything they would build apartments without fire exits if it saves them money. This is called urban planning and right now we are barely in the planning part of it.
  13. Good progress - final rezoning plans: https://www.nbc12.com/2022/05/12/richmond-presents-final-city-center-rezoning-plans/?fbclid=IwAR2WcbX1xPN8RzylqkUHfrExK9xDD5-12CyxeSjfRavDrYbvD-kI4WzaZGc
  14. Would be lovely to have Bruce on this forum... feel like it's his domain. Or..is he already here?!
  15. Five of my neighbors just paid $100-150k over asking... one from SanFran, one from Nova, one from NYC, and two from Henrico county.
  16. I think we need to start following fence companies' schedules, not development reports or RBS. That's where the real action is! It's like during war: Don't follow where the enemy is headed...follow where their logistics are headed. That will tell you more about their strategy than anything else.
  17. Absolutely. Urban neighborhoods without parks are exhausting and feel like a money pit - no where to go without having to spend money. Couple that with no/small balconies and no porches then you get a $1500/month isolation chamber with netflix. Parks and libraries are one of the few places left where one can go without expecting to spend money. You can just be. One can only spend so much time at breweries and brunch restaurants until it gets repetitive and exhausting...but I guess that's why it's 99% rental market in SA and not ownership.
  18. I hear you, I really do. I love high density and new development. But, I really feel for the residents there. I grew up in that area (in the worst one of all the complexes there) and it was a godsend. Were there problems? Yes, but as kids none of that really mattered and it never steered us in any direction but forward with the solid school system there. Even when my family bought a house I still came back to those apartments to hang with friends and play at the playgrounds, basketball, volleyball, pool, etc. I know it's easy to say "lots of crime there... that area needs to get better" but I and others who grew up there have countless wonderful memories there. Hate for some bad apples to spoil the bunch. I hope all those apartments can somehow stay affordable because having lower income families in that area of Henrico is a serious life saver literally. I am (and countless others) "successful" today directly because we were in the Henrico school system. Problems at home, lack of opportunity, and anything else that being low income brings were neutralized by the Henrico County Public School system. I have/had plenty of friends who grew up in a similar situation as my family but they were placed by the government housing in the highland springs highschool school district and, to be blunt, the difference between our education is night and day. That translated to the rest of our adult lives. Nothingham green, Cloisters, and the other apartment complexes in the heart of the west end are wonderful opportunity zones. Breaks my heart to think kids won't have the education like I did because the area got too expensive for them.
  19. I hope this is taking a while to plan because they are detailing it out... this is a great sign in my view as maybe it alludes to them trying to build something signature. It is quite the location and will act as the "entrance view" to anyone coming from i95 to/through RVA.... and an "exit view" for anyone going the other way. In my view (I hope I'm right) if they wanted to plant any old rectangle they could have picked out from any developer's catalog they could have easily just done that and been on their merry way. Crossing fingers!
  20. Nobody said we don't want development in City Center. I'm all for the new City Center plans - they look great and actually incorporate a city feel where people will live. We just didn't want a Scott's Addition Downtown hybrid baby with a Coliseum. The new City Center plan is light years ahead of NH - a park, high school, fire department, apartments, condos, grocery, etc. That looks like a real city...not just glossy renderings of buildings with it being a ghost town after 5pm Mon-Fri. We're fine with people coming into the city but we will do it on our terms as we have to live with it. Just look at Carytown or Byrd Park or the Fan. Why isn't Carytown full of Hardees, TJMax, MissionBBQ, etc? Why didn't they just demo the Fan and build cookie-cutter homes? Why didn't they eminent domain Byrd Park and build build build? All those I'm sure seemed like great business ideas- who could be against DeVeLoPmEnT, right?! Now, those places are cherished gems of RVA and are some of the main reasons people move to RVA. We have character and don't need Thalhimer or Dominion CEO to project plan us according to their line item needs in some excel doc.
  21. The 2nd tower died b/c the Dominion CEO died and the towers were his baby. There was another comment here about how RVA needs to start acting like a city. Great, let's take step 1: Like other cities, we need to annex the counties that split away with the White Flight. You can't break someone's knee caps with a baseball bat and then tell them to go run a mile with the rest of the PE class.
  22. So not complicated that a billion dollar development team with millions in marketing consultants just happen to not be able to simply explain it to everyone .... b.c.... it was the propaganda from the opposing side? I've said it before and I'll say it again: This forum is too obsessed with pretty renderings. Navy Hill invested more in graphic designers than they did understanding the population of RVA. They thought it was 2000 or 2010 where you can just steamroll a project like Navy Hill through RVA politics. I know very few people who wanted an arena in middle of the city of RVA who actually live in the city of RVA. Lots of county people advocating what's good for RVA neighborhoods - we are not your weekend entertainment. I don't care that Hilton MegaPlus Luxury will come in and make millions, it doesn't matter to me what some foreign billionaire investor makes in dividends for projects around the world that he doesn't even know he owns. Our schools are getting better because RVA is organically growing and individuals are investing in schools, not corporations who write a fancy oversized check for photo op before tax season deadline. The new City Center is a great plan - thousands of living spaces, parks, entertainment area, a school (you know, that thing that helps the community), a fire department, more healthcare, etc. I don't want my back yard to be a playground for those that live on River Rd. They can go build it next to their mansions out there. We're sick of having to sacrifice for "the tax dollars!!!" I directly stood to make a great profit with Navy Hill going through - I have rental properties in the area. But I'm not selling my soul for it.
  23. Absolutely nothing. I have heard news that it's moving forward in late 2021 meetings but no details. I wouldn't be surprised if we suddenly see a fence and porta-johns show up.
  24. I agree. I dated a girl in 2014 who lived right above the loud bus stop and market. That place was fully renovated and just fine for her to live there. It's not like Douglas Development is trail blazing developing on Broad St... even the "worst" part of that Broad St were developed into apartments a decade ago... It's been a proven formula. I think an intern accidentally found some crumpled up titles in the back of a filing cabinet that reminded Douglas Development that they owned a dozen properties on Broad St
  25. I would love for Kickers to redevelop the existing City Stadium. That is such a great spot for them... I can understand the move though if that became an option to them.
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