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  1. Love that this has devolved into a cockfight
  2. Love to see Icahn hanging this over our heads. Give me a deal or else the area stays ugly. Like a movie villain.
  3. Agreed, I'm looking to buy a condo in this area in 2023-2024. I think it'll be the best part of the city to conveniently live.
  4. I just can't imagine being uptight enough to spend money on a legal battle like this. Use your money to buy more property with better views!
  5. This is cool, looking at the development map screenshot makes me long for a Flatiron building at the intersection.
  6. The seemingly random windows still bother but I'll admit it's looking better as more features get layered on. Maybe I'll come around.
  7. Sheesh, seems like just 5-6 years ago when $1m got you a pretty luxury estate, even in an expensive suburb.
  8. Trust me, I'm on the same page. Jackson is significantly worse than Memphis, which is disappointing because my extended family is from the area.
  9. Not sure if it’s the right size, but there’s a recent trend of high-end indoor mini golf. You could use a floor for that. It could have a bar, food, etc.
  10. I have cousins in Madison. The main problem when comparing Madison to Brentwood is that Madison sits in the Jackson metro (compared to Nashville). I’m not sure if you’ve been to Jackson lately, but it’s nearly third world.
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