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  1. There are actually two Multifamily buildings in development. I designed that map above, there's an updated one, I'll see if I can get approval to post it.
  2. For reference on just how off they are. As far as rendering timing goes, I was told to check back late spring, early summer.
  3. So just for context a 31 floor building will be around 10 floors parking and 21 floors residential (I know, that's terrible, but its reality) at around 10.5-11.5 feet per floor on average. So we are looking at 325-356 feet. TOD technically caps building height at 300, but you can probably cheat it up to 350. So to to extrapolate how tall it will be, lets compare it to Dimensional Fund's tower. DFA is 180 feet, so this will be less than twice the height of DFA. This would place the tower just under the horizon in the photo that @j-manposted.
  4. Good lord people, how don't you understand. CHARLOTTE STORIES IS FAKE NEWS DO NOT READ IT. They make up sensational stories, and embellish everything for clicks and traction. This would represent a 50+ floor building, they do not know what they are talking about.
  5. They have been quietly shopping this building for 2.5 years, I would guess they have someone in mind too.
  6. Is it possible, sure. Would it happen? probably not. Push comes to shove you'd likely have to find homes for the Urgent Care and Office Depot within your building as they have longterm leases. Theres also 4 different owners on that block.
  7. Interestingly South End is going to run out of land very soon, so you will start to see apartment buildings from a couple of cycles ago start to get replaced. I met with someone this year who said they were approached about tearing down a South End Multifamily building to replace it with a couple of towers.
  8. It's as good as gone. Price for this land is so high now that its enigmatic owner is talking to a high rise residential developer out of the Windy City.
  9. Theres still steel going up, its just structural steel and light gauge aluminum framing.
  10. Subscribe to the Charlotte Ledger and you'll know everything going on in South End! And a new one is coming soon at Design Center #2
  11. all about the angle you shoot it at. It looks exactly like the renderings.
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