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  1. oh you said behind the gas station, I take this as being the actual gas station, my bad.
  2. by small white building you mean the 119 year old very very cool looking home, or the 90 year old pedestrian scale building that is really the last surviving piece of what used to be a vibrant Main Street along South Blvd? Which is out of place? Whoever proposes removing either, I'd imagine a Dilworth resident puts a horse head in their bed, Godfather style.
  3. Most of those Raleigh proposals, just like the last time around, are pie in the sky. Those 40 story buildings will ultimately be 20 story buildings or just not happen at all. We ourselves have 3-4 40 floor proposals, they just haven't been reported yet, because there is a giant empty void in Charlotte Development News and a very closed lip Private Public Partnership Division of the city.
  4. Mecca is what I see in the plans, which I have full access to. The urban designers I've talked to about it including my good friend @MarcoPolo are salivating over the possibilities.
  5. I don't think that's unrealistic at all. I'll pitch it to them next time I talk to Crescent.
  6. I mean, Dixie River Road (God lets change the name) is more than a mile long of mixed use and multifamily density. The folks saying that its "less dense than waverly" are looking at the "Town Square" they are trying to create around a working farm, vs the "Town Center" which will be just south of there, and be much more dense. I cannot stress how cool this community could be, and it will all be criss crossed and connected by bike lanes, walking trails, greenways, and more. This will be a mecca and a destination for outdoorsy people.
  7. holy crap, an incredibly level headed perspective on Urban Planet. Bravo
  8. ok dozens and dozens might be hyperbole, but lets say a dozen.
  9. I can only think of one building in planning that doesn't have retail, and there are dozens and dozens left to announce.
  10. From what I'm hearing Tyber will be the 4,500 sq foot retaurant space in the new building.
  11. I know of three maybe four more breweries opening up shop here in the next 2 years that haven't been announced.
  12. a Church?!?! That seems to be asking for trouble, don't they remember what happened the last time?
  13. I will confirm this. The NC/SC is more than just symbolic, its for tax incentive purposes. When you have two different places that'll provide you public funds, you utilize it. Not to mention Rock Hill does not have anywhere close the population density that places like Arlington, Foxborough, Inglewood, Santa Clara, et al. have. Around my PSLs I have people that come from Greensboro, Boone, High Point, Burlington, Durham, and Statesville, every game. I'm sure there are just as many from SC, the point is centrally located is where it will stay.
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