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  1. Duke Energy's second HQ building (already on the market), and parking deck (going on the market soon) are great opportunities for expansion, and I'm sure Lincoln Harris would be one of the many companies interested in the dirt under those buildings.
  2. Oh god PhillyDog... I live in NoDa and a local developer with a cherished local architect wants to put 211 microunits and 11,000 square feet of micro retail (for small businesses not chains), that could technically be considered 80% AMI (yes they are small, but they are affordable for single cops, firefighters, nurses, and experienced teachers), and they are going apecrap in my neighborhood.
  3. Nah, I believe they are out of ABC permits for the name Legion, hence why its called "Trolley Barn Fermentory" vs. Legion Brewing. They were exploring taking a space in Honeywell from what I understand but did not follow through. That said, there will definitely be a beer garden or entertainment complex of some size fronting Mint Street tucked between Honeywell and Phase V-VI, most recent site drawings do include something.
  4. hop into your time machine and go forward to the middle of Q1 2022
  5. I haven't been to #1 in years. The Bo's I frequent: • Steele Creek — Great food, horrible drive through and walk up service, regularly take an extra 30 minutes to put together a catering order that you ordered 4 days ago • Tryon Hills — ok food, lightning fast service • The airport — The Bojangles Embassy, by far the best food in the brand • Woodlawn — Haven't been there since I moved to the "North End" but I always found it pretty greasy, and the biscuits were often deflated.
  6. Increases? I have experienced the opposite. The Bojangles around Columbia for instance, are awful.
  7. Not what I'm saying at all. That actually is exactly why they didn't put retail in the bottom of the deck, because they do expect it to one day be a goner. is it tomorrow no, is it 5 years from now, probably no but could be, 10, I would not be at all surprised. They wanted to be prepared for a time when we are less reliant on cars for travel, what better way than by building something that could be easily dismantled. By god's lips to your ears.
  8. Looks like we have a bit of a preview of the final height of this building. I would think the glass panels only stick a few feet above the white steel supports.
  9. When someone ultimately tears down that deck to build a more permanent and useful building, you'll be happy.
  10. I'm not sure how the "government's involvement" doomed this. Afshin Ghazi being a conman, who was trying to accomplish something well outside his means doomed this. The city owned the land, sold the land, and then subsidized the parking, no more. The "government involvement' angle is tired and not based in fact.
  11. I would think that the permits filed to date (building, no demo permits), and the fact that they did not file anything with the planning department, would suggest they plan to proceed with what I would imagine is very close to the original design. There is also only 3 less hotel rooms than the original design. There are 1800 parking spaces next door, why in the world would they need anymore parking.
  12. Couple things: 1. Whoever moderates the Charlotte skyscraper Wiki page is awful and deletes anything you add or even correct. It's not worth even trying to keep updated. It's probably metroboi. 2. Raleigh's are largely visions, upzonings and Public Private Partnership (PPPs), and for whatever reason they seem a lot less tight lipped than Charlotte's PPPs. 3. In Raleigh they seem to take visions as reality, and we have learned over years of heartbreak, not to do that. I had Raleigh followers bragging about their new soccer stadium and the "Tower built into the side of it" and meanwhile... https://www.wral.com/planned-stadium-for-raleigh-s-downtown-south-development-on-hold/19991360/ 3. Between the Four Public Private Partnership active uptown (Gateway, CTC, 7th & Tryon and Brooklyn Village) there could be as many as 13 towers added. For whatever reason all are generally kept pretty under wraps. Gateway Village could be the most urban development in the Southeast outside of Brickell, yet all that is public are the CATS RFP renderings that do not in any way represent what is planned. In contrast RUSBUS drastically over promises publicly what will be built there. 4. The pipeline of unannounced residential towers in planning in South End is STAGGERING. Raleigh does not have a single urban submarket that is comparable to South End.
  13. Detroit was barely smaller than LA. wow
  14. The Carson St and Morehead Street buildings are around 30-35 floors, The middle building is around the height of Legacy Union. @Mgelbachis possibly shooting me a new shot to make a rendering with.
  15. I read into it a while back, and asked around a few contacts, because I was curious what it was costing to have this crane remain on site, vs removing it and re-erecting it. Doesn't hurt that I know the crane owner.
  16. A very reasonable 500K for a crane like what is there I believe. They have an operational lifetime of 25 years I believe, so a 500K investment could make at least $6,000,000 in its lifetime. Also costs 120K to put one up and break one down, so there's quite a bit of upside to the investment.
  17. I would think 2022, really depends on clearing up what's happening with he financing. But if it was dead dead, they wouldn't be paying at least $20K a month on a crane to sit there doing nothing, because none of the work being done there needs a tower crane.
  18. How do you solve the connectivity, and drainage issues of having a literal ravine of development between two districts, would you bring it up to grade?
  19. The residential tower is correct, but they are missing one, which will be 31 floors, the office tower is not. Right now target is 1,000,000 square feet, between 40-44 floors.
  20. Maybe I've gone colorblind for blue fonts? This cannot be a real post. Maybe its living in NYC for twelve years but I've never once seen an even somewhat unmanageable crowd within the building. I've probably been two dozen times, and every time I go I see an incredibly diverse crowd when I go of all races, sexual orientations and socioeconomic statuses. I take family, I take out of town visitors, I wasn't even uncomfortable during the height of covid going there. This building gives small businesses a shot to thrive and I'm here for it. If this is blight, give me all the blight.
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