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  1. egrguy

    BEER 2.0

    I would think Founders would bring their version back. NA stuff is a rapidly growing segment in Europe. I've had several experiences where on group outings several folks will get mocktails. I certainly see the market for NA stuff at breweries.
  2. My gut tells me that this already been vetted enough that tonight's meeting is a formality and it will be approved. Interesting that MLive discusses a 1 year option and this is essentially one step of many before shovels actually hit the ground. Fox 17 this morning had a clip that would lead one to infer if approved, this project is moving forward this fall.
  3. Probably wont until the custom center is closer to being built.
  4. They just opened a Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Chicago in November (which would be awesome, but certainly very limited). I really do think DT could use just a stand alone Starbucks location.
  5. 2020 Stuff That Will Happen Studio Park / Acrisure / hotel project will be more successful than people originally thought. As a result will drive more retail/restaurants to the southern part of DT. I do think we will see some new chain quick serve options. Starbucks, Jimmy John's, Chipotle, Wendy's (local franchise HQ is DT). 2019 saw the Cheesecake Factory, Cooper's Hawk, Black Rock and Texas de Brazil coming to or announcing a GR location. We will continue to see new chains enter the GR market. Shake Shack, Yardhouse (is it still coming to Woodland?), BJ's Brewhouse, etc. A pharmacy will be announced for DT in 2020. The Bob initiates a re-brand. Seems something like a Hampton Social or a Lucky's, etc would be a fit for more activities to do downtown. Founders will move past their corporate growing pains, continue to grow market share and will continue to diversify to stay relevant within the beer industry. I think they'll distribute their NA beer offering and will start doing hard seltzers. Bell's will add a GR Taproom (personal want here!) Plans for the Gaslight Village development will be released (initial plans were around the $35M stage) but nothing formal was presented to the city. A legacy carrier adds new non-stop flights from GRR. Boston, LA, SF, Salt Lake City, etc would be a nice addition, but think its more likely to see more direct flights offered by Allegiant, Frontier, etc. Major investment announced to dramatically alter Rivertown is announced or it continues to slip into secondary status. 2020 Stuff That Wont Happen this year, but I think we could see happen in this decade) GRFC sees investment into the team and continues to grow (perhaps a partnership with the Whitecaps on a new dual use stadium if the Whitecaps end up at the AA due to major alignment changes) Market Project comes to fruition, but is dramatically changed from the initial plans shown as apart of the RFP Police Station site gets purchased for a major development Charley's Crab site gets major Devos funded project GR metro passes Rochester, Buffalo, Birmingham and Hartford, CT to become a top 50 US Metro Non stop flights to Hawaii and international flights are added from GRR to London, Mexico and the Carribean Greater use of organized mass transit begins to occur
  6. Houlihan's in Breton Village suddenly closed yesterday. Their post mentioned bankruptcy (I am unfamiliar if the franchisee or the company as a whole). I thought that location generally did pretty well and seems like a great spot for something new.
  7. Gosh, that's good to hear. I've heard all sorts of interesting rumors, but I don't make to that end of town too often.
  8. I will finalize my 2020 list in a bit.
  9. Electric Cheetah is opening a new place out on 28th St across the street of D&W. Possibly by the Euro Bistro.
  10. Bummer about them having to change their name. I thought they won against the Illinois company that sued over breakfast rye.
  11. Gippers is always pretty steady, so I assume they are doing decent. Their back patio has a nice set up. But they have a pretty good location and always just a little surprised its not been bought by some chain bar restaurant.
  12. Is the sign on the entry door a condemned sign? I remember them doing some exterior roof work a couple of years back. Good news to see it on the market.
  13. That seemed like a tough spot to start out in GR. I wanted to try it as well. MegaBev is taking over the old Russo's which I had I initially thought was going to be a rec pot store.
  14. The mention of a Bridge St location of Morning Belle is good news. I
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