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  1. I saw that today and wondered what happened. Crazy!
  2. https://grbj.com/news/food-service-agriculture/kingfisher-restaurant-and-deli-closes-doors/ They had a solid breakfast, however, That Early Bird is now open for dinner. Maybe they are transitioning more stuff there.
  3. Anecdotal stats. Flew in and out of GRR this week. TSA mentioned they are seeing roughly 800-900 travelers per shift vs 200 at its lowest.
  4. I assumed where Malamiah Juice Market was located. Seemed like it was already set up for it.
  5. I dont think we've seen the worst of it. I imagine that will come in the winter when there is no outdoor dining. Unless there's some cure/vaccine. I liked Max's, but not enough for me to personally go back, but I thought it was a great addition for DT.
  6. 40 Acres announced on FB they will be reopening.
  7. https://grbj.com/news/construction/dda-amends-10-ionia-project-agreement/ Tentative open date slated for 11/1/2020.
  8. Art Prize 2020 was canceled today. I wonder if we see it back in 2022 or if at all?
  9. I thought I read Aperitivo was expanding. I wonder if its into that space.
  10. Unfortunately, not surprising at all. Best case scenario is we experience a consistent rate of new infections and not a second wave in the fall. If so, we can slowly start to see the hotel industry recover and we'll see this resurface in 2022.
  11. Its probably not the start for retail/restaurant closures, especially in DT. I agree with their FB post being confusing... in normal times I'd read it as they got bought out/lease ended and something new was coming in to replace it. Now... I mean, how do you plan when the next 6-12 months is still so much in the air.
  12. HopCat owner files for bankruptcy ahead of June 13 reopening I guess I am not surprised.
  13. I am guessing pandemic related? It was a great spot and always a line when I went pre-pandemic. Not surprised about Social Kitchen, went twice, was not a fan and didn't ever seem busy. Hopefully the market can re-energize itself as it comes out of the pandemic. I've certainly increased my visits to the market since the pandemic started... the meat market has been great for all of this stay at home BBQ'ing.
  14. I didnt know chuck Muir got lost in the Bermuda triangle.
  15. That would be interesting. They purchased BiggDogg in Kalamazoo over a year ago. Based on the menu of beers, at that location it looks like all SBC beer.
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