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  1. https://bobcatbonnies.com/ Announced via FB they are taking over the Houlihans location.
  2. I went to one in Dallas and took photos to show friends. I did actually like it. Puts Speedway to shame.
  3. I still feel DT needs a stand alone Starbucks. Shake shack would have been nice, but like the fact they got a new to the metro company to locate there.
  4. I've been to GRFC games at Houseman and love the atmosphere. But that's probably a tough sell long-term. I agree on an aquarium, went to Shedd as a kid and once as an adult and I am satisfied. Like GRdad said, maybe something like a combo aquarium/science center. I kind of like the Science Museum of Minnesota (it lines up to the Mississippi River) https://new.smm.org/ as sort of a reference, but overall, I feel "just" an aquarium is kind of meh, but a world class aquarium/science center could be a much bigger draw short term and long term too.
  5. None of the local stores were happy and vehemently opposed it. From the sounds of it, not the best neighborhood partner. https://mibiz.com/sections/food-agribusiness/alcohol-retailers-fill-mlcc-hearing-opposing-total-wine-s-gr-area-plans If you have access, it's an interesting read.
  6. Portland is great (interesting its over Seattle?) but I think that's a huge plus over another FL route from Allegiant.
  7. What a great infill project on an empty parking lot. The night shot really gives off a sense of vibrancy.
  8. I dont believe in a post pandemic work at home culture. I cant wait to work with people again. It was fun the first couple of months. It will take time to recover but I still prefer a vibrant work atmosphere then my home office. I hope this gets delayed vs chopped in half.
  9. Some of their beer bread offerings at Meijer (which I buy when I make soup) are pretty good. I think that's a nice move for both companies.
  10. Craft breweries look to uncertain future I'd consider (from an outsiders' perspective) to be solidly run breweries. I imagine there are others in the that aren't that wont make it. I imagine the rest of the industry as well is hoping to get through the next month or so where they can reopen with some partial capacity and improved weather conditions towards spring.
  11. https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/former-uica-building-in-downtown-grand-rapids-listed-for-8-7m Its behind a paywall, but $8.7m asking price. Curious how this goes.
  12. W MI moves to high A and Erie stays at double AA. Positive move for the Whitecaps.
  13. That means its not a 365 type store. I wonder if they took some notes from the TJs success and are going to build a proper sized location.
  14. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.fox17online.com/news/local-news/grand-rapids/whole-foods-adding-grand-rapids-location%3f_amp=true I'd like to see it be the old toys r us location or babys r us on 28th street vs a d&w takeover. I'd love for it to be more urban but I know that's not happening. For all of those that had WF on your 2020 predictions, it came just in time:).
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