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  1. egrguy

    The Grand River?! You mean GR has a River?

    Grand Rapids lawmakers ask Whitmer to stop proposed Grand River dredging project Political opposition to the dredging. I hope the dredging part of this doesn't scrap the original idea just for restoring the rapids.
  2. egrguy


    That's a great map. Thanks for sharing. I think this partnership with Mahou/Avery will allow Founders to grow and remain independent. I know Avery is just doing All Day now, but I imagine they will take on brewing all of Founders mainstays in the future (Solid Gold, Centennial, etc). I wonder when we'll start seeing some collaborative beers. Overall, I take this as a positive for Founders.
  3. egrguy

    50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    On Marriott's site, it states a spring opening, has there been an announcement to the opening date of the hotel?
  4. Coopers Hawk is under construction by Art Van in the space that was the old Mexican restaurant and before that, the short lived Quaker Steak and Lube.
  5. egrguy

    50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    Is Luna closed? I had a favorable experience there as well. Off-topic, but I had heard San Chez was not going to renew their lease on the "surplus space/event space" or whatever they called it and was curious what may take over that prime corner location (if I heard right).
  6. egrguy

    Woodland Mall to get $100 Million makeover

    Of course. I agree with you 100%. I remember when Woodland was in a somewhat similar place and they nabbed the Apple Store and with further investment has been on an upward trajectory since. Not saying Rivertown will make it but they need brands like these to start competing.
  7. egrguy

    Woodland Mall to get $100 Million makeover

    That was something that Rivertown should have been falling over to get. Woodland is really doing a great job.
  8. egrguy

    Suburban Projects

    I drive by their regularly and assumed more Davenport apartments.
  9. egrguy

    ArtPrize and Project 1 - Grand Rapids

    I think the off-year stuff of Project 1 could be more interesting than the Art Prize stuff we generally see. I hope the community supports it like Art Prize as this could really be of more impact to the city as an art destination that Art Prize ever was (I know, possible overreaction, but seeing some of the artists work, this is exiting!)
  10. egrguy

    Suburban Projects

    I was in Russo's today and I asked the cashier. I was told the property was rezoned for recreational marijuana and they had too good of an offer and sold. Sounds like they want to find a new location. We will see if that's how it plays out or not.
  11. egrguy

    Suburban Projects

    I wondered if something was going on when I was there during the holidays and it looked like they were clearing out inventory. Thought that given the time of year, that was odd - it all makes sense now.
  12. egrguy

    Gaslight Village

    That's interesting. I know the vacant building across the street on the corner there of Wealthy is getting an Asian Kitchen. I always thought there sticky wings were delicious (not nearly as good if they were delivered). Sad to see it go. I am not sure why that's a tough corner (Biggby, Wok & Mortar, etc). Appears to be an excellent location.
  13. egrguy


    Breweries agree to merge (Saugatuk & Big Dogg) Brewery closing doors (Hideout Brewing) I predicted a brewery closing in my 2019 predictions, but not the Hideout. I forget that its there and probably why its closing. I know nationally, beer is taking a backseat from the legalization of recreational use of marijuana and spirit sales are rapidly increasing. Time to move into the distillery business!
  14. egrguy

    Suburban Projects

    I did not realize that is a decent sized project in terms of money ($30M+). My bet on the restaurants are two mid level chains.
  15. If this project has the potential to draw in folks that are convention visitors, they'll see and be comfortable with a brand they're well aware of/locals can indulge in the local brands.