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  1. Your comment about next day delivery and the environment triggered my memory on this article. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/07/15/business/fast-shipping-environmental-impact/index.html
  2. Interesting. Looking forward to the plans. Since that's in the new master plan I'd imagine it has solid chance of moving forward.
  3. Looks like this is moving ahead. Its pending an official presentation to the city.
  4. egrguy


    Press Clips: Founders Brewing Sale Valued at $198 Million, According to Report; Colorado Brewers Guild Names New Executive Director I thought the evaluation would have been higher. It appears though that those funneling cash into the craft beer industry are finally realizing its not an ever growing cash cow.
  5. The landlord would need to be negligent to suffer any legal liability towards the tenants. If the tenants had repeatedly complained about roof leaks, need to repair, etc then there could be a case, however, the landlord would still argue it was a tornado/straight line wind event that would have damaged the roof regardless of its condition. If there was a time to sell; it would certainly be now as the tenants would all be out regardless (I imagine last night's rain soaked into the first floor tenants living space) and you could cash out and retire.
  6. I heard a rumor that the owner Bowdies Chophouse in Saugatuk/Lansing was looking at the Derby Station space. It would be interesting if they keep the high end steakhouse vibe or something different (if true at all).
  7. Has anyone been DT for any of Project X? I've heard generally positive buzz from those that have experienced it so far and wondered if anyone here have checked it out yet
  8. Weren't there rumors of Bell's having a local taproom? Maybe this wasn't the spot, but I thought that was for somewhere on Wealthy... or I am way of base with my memory.
  9. egrguy


    I know they were approached by others so I assume that includes AB InBev. I also know they really liked the multi generation family owned part of Mahou. I took a brewery tour Friday and the rest of the group was a bunch of Brazilian guys here for work. I just dont see the issues with the purchase. The company I work for is Euro owned and I think the deep pockets have only made what's in GR stronger. I am generally very adverse to local companies getting bought out but I truly think this is a great fit for Founders to be vibrant long term.
  10. egrguy


    They (Mahou) already purchased Avery out of Colorado. Saves $5 a case in distro cost. When you're trying to sell some high volume beer like All Day, Solid Gold and Pilsner that's a huge difference to remain competitive. I'd imagine we will see them purchase a brewery in the SE. Things can always change, but most of these brewery purchases haven't resulted in the former independent brewery being abandoned. Ab InBev is considering the evil bad guy in craft and Goose Island still around in Chicago and Elysian in Seattle, etc.
  11. egrguy


    San Mahou has been a family owned brewery for generations. Of all potential partners to sell to, I think they're a great fit. I'm sure this 60% stake wasn't valued at $200m like the original purchase. A side note, I'm curious to the investor list that are getting large payouts. Could also be an indirect benefit to GR as well.
  12. I thought acrisure had a small presence DT already? Moving to store all of their employees in one building?
  13. I'd rather wait and get something truly impactful for that spot then something on the cheaper side. Patience is probably good for this spot!
  14. I've had one really good experience at 40 Acres and one very average. Got a gift card there for a gift so will go back to break the tie. I plan on trying Kingfisher next week. I am excited to try Beacon (next to San Chez) when it opens.
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