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  1. jdkacz

    Predictions for the coming year

    Big as in, Game Changer? :)
  2. That's too bad, I enjoyed their pizza and generally thought they were pretty steady. Is Love's Ice Cream staying open?
  3. jdkacz

    Suburban Projects

    There's a fight by some residents that live in the immediate area of the Blodgett hospital parking ramp project. However, with the recent development in Gas Light with multi-unit condos and there really is not any single family housing that would be affected by this development, my thoughts are it would be more well received. I could be wrong, but this master plan process has been ongoing for a quite a while. I could be off base, but I think most residents want more development in the "core" of the city. There's also a new hotel on 28th ST by Patterson behind the Steak and Shake and to the west of Jake's Fireworks and Home Depot.
  4. jdkacz

    Suburban Projects

    I know of nothing officially, but there has been a lot of discussion regarding that piece of land and the two story parking garage in the updating of the master plan (there are some ideas outlined in the plan). There are also ideas to renovate the building where Rite Aid is in Gas Light to a boutique style hotel. The updated master plan does want to address it, but like you, I am surprised that has not been brought back, especially since it sold out quick the first go around and then collapsed with the recession.
  5. jdkacz

    Suburban Projects

    Surprised. Rockford overall seems like the ideal location for a second location.
  6. jdkacz

    Suburban Projects

    Younkers is closing. It will be interesting to see how they re-purpose that much sq footage. There certainly wont be a singular anchor to replace it unless the new owner has some creativity to land an REI/Bass type store.
  7. That is so underwhelming. Dropping in half to 21 stories would have been okay.
  8. jdkacz

    Woodland Mall to get $100 Million makeover

    Looks like Gap is closing April 4. I have heard a rumor that they were moving out to the Beltline, but not sure that would be that productive of a move unless they got a sweet lease deal.
  9. jdkacz


    Founders has the luxury to serve a straight forward men because they serve great beer. New Holland has decent to good beer and a very hit and miss menu. I don't know that they've found their niche yet, but I agree their space is massive, perhaps too big? But they are located in a burgeoning neighborhood which I assume will help them long-term.
  10. jdkacz

    Lake Drive Changes.

    I loved Sweetwater's from my time at WMU. To be honest, I feel that them and Marge's are the clear leaders in best tasting donuts in the West Michigan region. Voodoo is expanding with locations in several states (CA, CO, FL). Maybe we'd get one :), they do have a fun vibe to them and I agree it'd fit well in the neighborhood.
  11. jdkacz

    The State of Downtown Grand Rapids Retail

    http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2018/01/kilwins_chocolate_shop_in_down.html Maybe its coming back?
  12. No idea yet. New build or taking over a site. Is that Bagger Dave's closing too on the corner of Kraft and 28th? That would be a great location for a sports bar. (traffic, hotels, etc)
  13. jdkacz

    Lake Drive Changes.

    I thought it was just electrical issues and that they'd reopen (or is that just cover for something else?). They always seemed steady when I was there.
  14. jdkacz

    RFP - 201 Market

    That adds a lot to the story. This proposal was the clear winner and to be honest, the only company that appeared to really take the initial process seriously. I like the plan a lot and this would be a huge anchor development for the south end of DT GR.
  15. jdkacz

    RFP - 201 Market

    Both of those buildings are in GR's sweet spot - 12-14 stories :).