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  1. How tall is Amazon 2 going to be again? With the tower crane being raised this high, seems as if it’s going to be significantly taller than Amazon 1. The elevator shafts are already above Amazon1.
  2. Here’s a rendering of the Hyatt Caption that is currently u/c in downtown Memphis. It’s expected to open in April 2022.
  3. At the rate Nashville is going, I think it’s quite possible, in the next 10-15 years, that it will have the best urban core in the south. Maybe not the tallest but the most expansive. I’m I too far fetched in this thinking? Thoughts?
  4. I agree Maybe once from the river to I-40 is built out, more highrise development will take off from the interstate to West End. I agree it could be special!
  5. With all the towers currently under construction and proposed. Which street do you guys think will be the most impressive in the next 5 years between KVB, Demonbreun, Broadway and Church?
  6. Just imagine this view with the Ritz-Carlton, Prime, Alcove, YMCA tower, all of the NY towers and probably a couple others that I’m omitting! Going to be impressive if all comes to fruition! From Fox17:
  7. Courtesy of TampaAerialMedia: Courtesy of TampaAerialMedia:
  8. So what is the likelihood of Tony being able to pull off both 1000 Church Street and 800 Lea at the same time in similar fashion to what he’s doing with Alcove and Prime?
  9. What do you guys think the O/U is on 2021-2027 being more transformative than 2015-2021 was?
  10. In my opinion, when you have a skyline that’s as compact as Charlotte’s and you have 2-3 iconic towers that stand out like Charlotte has, it’s harder to make an impact on the skyline in pictures. Charlotte’s “ infill development” is probably best felt at the street level, just my opinion.
  11. Would be some great locations for a couple of tall boys and continuing the canyonization of both Rosa L. Parks and Demonbreun!
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