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  1. Yes, it's fantastic as-is, but even just another 80 feet or so would've given this thing a more proper 'umph' in the Nashville skyline. Oh well, I'll still take it any day of the week. And I hope the super high quality of this and the other GBT projects bodes well for what we'll see at the Beaman site and in River North from them.
  2. Thanks so much, Mark! I would usually leave some commentary on some of my personal favorite proposals that I hope get started, but I just don't even know where to start anymore. That's a good problem to have. Simply astounding to look over this list. I will say that I hope some of the larger projects in Cool Springs get rolling again soon as well. Seems like it's kind of cooled off over the past 2-3 years. Still well over $1 billion worth of projects in the pipeline down there. It's seeming more and more like Nashville is going to be the THE mid-sized American city to watch over the next decade (and beyond).
  3. What an amazing addition to that area of downtown. I always envisioned the Arcade being renovated into something like this but never thought it would actually happened. Has the potential to be a real gem if done correctly.
  4. Hopefully we'll get details and renderings from GBT for this and their River North land both in 2022. Crazy. GBT is basically building the new Nashville it seems, which is nuts considering they mainly just did shopping centers 5 years ago. They are everywhere.
  5. It really seems like pretty much everything from 14th to 20th and from Patterson down to Broadway/West End is just going to explode over the next few years.
  6. I would think with the new proposals/projects happening along Peabody and KVB now (along with the height that is now obviously available in that area), everything west of 3rd will be getting pretty pricey and highly sought-after.
  7. Hopefully the infusion of cash can help get MarketStreet closer to starting on more of their own Gulch projects in the pipeline.
  8. Yes, the perfect centerpiece for this shot. I also think it's under-appreciated how big the Ritz and Tony G's roundabout tower will be from this view. Tony's tower will be something like 230 feet taller than the JW Marriott, noticeably taller than 505. Pretty crazy.
  9. The Church Street fire continues. Church from I-40 to the river is going to be an legit big-city urban canyon in 5-10 years.
  10. Not that the rendering necessarily means much, but I'd say the tallest tower is shown as being a good 500 feet tall, considering the lower elevation that it sits at compared to Broadwest. If it's 44 floors (as Mark counted), it should easily be 500, minimum.
  11. Maybe now they can use this opportunity to go back to the drawing board and add some condos for a little extra height.
  12. There's the Germantown hotel already on here. There are a couple other things that popped up on the City's development tracker and are on Smeag's great map as well. Check out action along Hayes St and Rosa Parks, especially the Hayes one.
  13. Definitely a 20-25 year type of plan, but I could see it happening over the long run. Keep activating the riverfront. The views from any mid-rise or high-rise over there would be incredible.
  14. BTW, you must've known about this a couple weeks ago with your hint-hint comments in the River North thread.
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