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  1. I understand your opinion, but all the same, I myself sincerely believe that the city is not so much an infrastructure as the people who inhabit it. It so happened that young people often began to migrate to other states. They get to know each other via the internet as easily as I say hello to my colleagues in the office every morning. Then we see their joyful joint photos from somewhere in NY or Miami(
  2. It seems to me that everything is not as sad as you say. There was a period of some decline in interest in the state, but I see positive trends now. People want peace and privacy due to the coronavirus. Such people are looking for a couple to live in the countryside. This is very noticeable in the communication on the dating site. It seems to me that in 2020 people, on the contrary, began to create families and come to Virginia.
  3. I felt a little sad to re-read all these answers) Most of the community left to live their own lives. I myself prefer communication on this website. This is a local dating site .. But sometimes there is not enough someone with whom you can just discuss the news without subtext.
  4. This is sad to hear. Such trees have always been used as a date mascot for lovers. It is customary for us to tie bright ribbons on the third date. This is done by both teens and adult couples with Maturetenders. I once asked in the general chat and found a man who was 62 and he still remembers hanging ribbons with his girl in high school)) Usually the department spares money for replanting mature trees. A new tree will only be like this in many years(
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