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  1. I’ve heard this point made on here many times but I’d like to echo it again. Substantial improvements need to be made to the sidewalk infrastructure outside the core in order to really create viable urban neighborhoods. I mean come on, what is this:
  2. Went through Weho today, definitely a neighborhood in transition and a lot of projects to be excited for.
  3. Thanks but I was more concerned with the fake beach that has sprouted up in the middle of the city.
  4. Hey everyone, I guess I'll just introduce myself here. I'm a freshman at vanderbilt who just moved in a couple of weeks ago, but I've following this forum and the city for a few years now. Now that I actually live in Nashville I figured it was time to officially join the board. Here are a few pictures I took on my run yesterday: Also I'd love to know wth this is:
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