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  1. Why did they remove the messages? This is off topic isint it? Its not like it was in the wrong section
  2. https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/norfolk/lawsuit-aiming-to-halt-norfolks-public-housing-redevelopment-dismissed/ Lawsuit got dismissed. Comes as a big relief as The City aims to improve downtown life and atmosphere in the St Puals quadrant. Construction in moving fast in Norfolk again! In the next few months expect cranes up near and in downtown as replacement units start to get built and Gravity 400 finally gets started
  3. At least we got our Dillards and other locally owned stores. Plus that empty Nordstorm space might become the new city hall if they keep pushing the project forward.
  4. They have to be and if they are not then the trend Norfolk is seeing is not going to be good for the city at all.
  5. Oh yea, Thats what I meant. But it would still be really cool to have the three urban districts grow to bigger sizes.
  6. VB deserves a downtown proper. If Summit Pointe, Downtown Norfolk, and Town Center grow into bigger metros then just imagine what the popularity of having triple metros would be like. and Ik we have the "7 cities" but what im talking about is 3 urban centers. Hopefully this project will not fall through.
  7. I wonder if the tower project could be revitalized. They did it with Hilton main i bet they could with granby. I dont either. Its hard to say we lost population yet we have had downtown and surrounding areas grow not only in traffic but in construction and residential projects
  8. Are there any renderings of the project yet? It would be cool to have a bigger VB town center/downtown.
  9. To make matters even worse Richmond and Arlington are said to be actively pushing us down to 7th or 6th depending if NN's population growth over takes us as well.
  10. I wish the topics on Norfolk were a little more active. To up the discussion in here I really want to know the truth on Norfolk's Population. Apperently we are dropping at rates that haven't been seen since the white flight of the late 60s- early 90s. In other words we dropped almost more than 2% witch is alot considering we have been recovering population slowly before the 2020 census
  11. Since when was a 3 story building a highrise. They gotta stop trying to up their feelings about the low rise buildings by calling them highrise
  12. We are very saddened that one of the biggest companies of our downtown district has left though I wish good luck to their moving to Atlanta...I wonder if their name will change.
  13. New HRT Routes from Downtown Norfolk to Summit Pointe! This should boost travel between the two urban areas. Also im wondering if they will even put a single bus stop in the Actual downtown core.... though I guess since the transit center is close enough I dont think we will see busses in our downtown streets like any other city unless of course they are driving by. MORE on the HRT changes here :https://gohrt.com/alert/november-2021-service-changes/ A great deal of these new routes connect to Downtown Norfolk
  14. (personal) Progress report: Significant Downtown building wise. Tidewater garden transformation going well. NEW 6 story apartment building talking a significant spot in the downtown Norfolk lower skyline. New Bikes. Multiple lamppost fixed along main and granby New plans for MacArthur (personal favorite is totally tearing it down and reconnecting street grid and give access to a new high rise potential development) Casino getting closer to reality SPQ apartment plans went down by a few floors each (Disappointing to majority of us) Fort Norfolk officially named "Midtown" Norfolk. New plans announced for Patriotic Festival that will bring significant business and attention to Norfolk and Portsmouth and their Downtowns as a whole With some SPQ becoming part of of downtown the number of blocks in the downtown district rose. <<Please notice this is just personal note and memory of what I thought was significant or important from this year!>>
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