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  1. Greekboy80

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    Great, or the best idea to gaurentee ridership(is this a word? ).
  2. Greekboy80

    Norfolk Development 2

    Its gotta be, somones address's are off...
  3. Greekboy80

    Norfolk Development 2

    No, Lil-bear, that picture is off. Zedd's is North of Bramblton on Granby. Google is way off on that one.
  4. Greekboy80

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    Yeah that would be big...It goes right along with that article the other day in the pilot about how bad hampton blvd has gotten. This would help out alot!
  5. Greekboy80

    Norfolk Pictures

    I looked around, I dont understand though....
  6. Greekboy80

    Hampton Roads Housing/Real estate/and Economy

    Nope, and from that article, not even close. At the bottom of that list were the "average" markets. Were not even close.
  7. Greekboy80

    Hampton Roads Housing/Real estate/and Economy

    Yeah, but this morning in the pilot there was an article about the top 100 markets that "experts" were ranking that were going to fall victim to the "housing bubble" and nowhere in hampton roads was on the list....
  8. Greekboy80

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    I just hope they run it up Hampton Blvd to the naval station. If they want riders, that is gonna be huge. If they run it to the ocean front to DT and up to the naval station. It will be a huge success! Then that will spur conncetions all around the cities. Maybe down little creek and back down Granby st. maybe Down independance rd... there are so many possibilities!
  9. Greekboy80

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    Actually, I have seen today that they are on Bramblton, Waterside drive, and Boush st. Anyone seen anymore? I think theres a connection. These are all strategicly placed.
  10. Greekboy80

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    I've noticed recently on Hampton Blvd(Ghent area) they have a strip of cables that, I guess, is tracking the number of vehicles daily. Could be an indicator of wanting to extend up hampton blvd.... Any info on them?
  11. Greekboy80

    sports in norfolk

    HUH? Follow sports much? J/J
  12. Greekboy80

    sports in norfolk

    Yeah! WOOOHOOOOO!!! I was there last night. Great game, we really need to take it to Hofstra now though. They already beat us twice this year. If anyone cares the game is gonna be on tommorw night at 7:00 or 9:00 P.M. on espn2. Check it out!
  13. Greekboy80

    sports in norfolk

    How so? In football you only have 8 home games. With the rabid football fans everywhere I dont think it would be hard to sell out every sunday. We would have people traveling in from everywhere in VA, some of MD an Lots of NE NC. Baseball is a completly diffrent story. Night games will be hard to fill up night in and night out, and the day games would have horrific attendance. A club would be here for probably 10 years max, then looking again to re-locate. Football would get attendance and support no matter how bad they are. People just love tailgating and going to football games.
  14. Greekboy80

    Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    I agree! That was a horrible idea!
  15. Greekboy80

    Fort Norfolk Plaza Progress

    OMG That is Friggin INSANE!!!!!