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  1. The Medical District is getting another lowrise building. The School of Dentistry just broke ground for a new 5 floor building near its current site. It is an attractive building from what I saw briefly on the news. Looking forward to lots of growth in this area.
  2. This forum does not get alot of buzz lately...not sure if it because the Augusta posters have moved elsewhere or maybe there is just not alot going on in Augusta lately. I have actually been working in Augusta for almost a year now and because of time (or lack of it) dont get to read the news so Im unaware of any new projects planned for Augusta. I can tell you what seems to be going on with project started though... -Augusta Judicial Center- Looks fantastic. It is on the 4th (and final) floor I believe but very tall floors and a huge building right at street level on Walton Way. -Augusta Richmond Co. Library-Another imposing building right down the street from the Judicial Center. This part of DT will transform over the next few years. -Medical District- Cancer Center going up at MCG and Cardiovascular Center finished at University. I think the School of Dentistry will be next on the list. -Hotels-The only ones UC are a Sheraton (5 floors) off Washington and Stevens Creek and a 4 floor hotel on Gordon HWY. Both are almost finished. These are the only 2 I know of....there could be more? -Strip Centers- multiple ones under construction especially in Columbia County. -Apartments- Several large complexes UC in Richmond and Columbia Counties. -Highways- Numerous REALLY HUGE projects including the 20/520 interchange and 20 revamp and widening, the Palmetto Pkway in Aiken co., St Sebastian way DT, etc. All of these projects include multiple flyover bridges....20/520 looks great! Anyone add anymore significant projects to the list??
  3. It is sad that Richmond County is slowly losing population. I would imagine it will continue to until Columbia County becomes so congested it chokes on its own growth. Most of the sprawl growth in Richmond County is in shopping centers/suburban offices and not much housing. All new new mega-subdivisions are out in Evans or Grovetown.
  4. Well it looks like the new Judicial Center in Augusta, (that would have been possibly 20 floors tall) has been voted down.
  5. I wonder if the Pinnacle Club will be part of the Macon Ga. based chain of Upscale members-only restaurants that are usually on the top floors of tall buildings. Not sure of the companys name but I used to work at one in Augusta Georgia. The Pinnacle Club was its name and it was on the 16th and 17th floor of the Wachovia Building DT. I think Columbia SC, Athens Ga., and Macon Ga. also have these restaurants.
  6. Sorry for triple posting but I was misinformed about the property across 15th street from MCG. It is up for sale but MCG has not purchased it, although they have purchsed some other property nearby, as has Paine College a few blocks away. MCG wants to continue development east of the College before it develops across 15th...
  7. Oh and forgot about the Spaghetti-junction intechange being planned at 20 and 520. They are still buying land there and will take a while before dirt is turned.
  8. Nothing along the lines of anything with any heigth is going on in Augusta but the areas retail is booming. A new huge Lifestyle Center was just announced for the area along RiverWatch Parkway and Interstate 20 just the other day. The Newspaper said if built it would be larger than any other shopping center/Mall in the Augusta area...Wow! Then there is the suburb of Evans and a smaller scale Lifestyle Center with offices/homes/condos and hotel. They announced the project a while ago and still no dirt turned but they are still advertising it in Columbia County Magazine so I guess it is still a go. If I know Augusta correctly it will get built but may take several years...slow. Evans also has about 7-8 other shopping centers underway now too including a large new Super Target and Kohls and numerous smaller ones....a few years from now it will be Gwinnett county all over again...yuk! Of course the Hammonds Ferry Project which is under construction right across the Savannah River in North Augusta...a fantastic project with midrise offices.residences and retail. Oops..but that is in S. Carolina, still considered Augusta though.The Judicial Center, with possibly 20 floors is still being planned and may take a while to get built. Several Midrises are going up in the Medical District, one of which is going to be a Cancer research center at MSG. I also learned this weekend that MCG and University Hospital are both planning major expansions. Not sure when, where or what though. I know MCG just bought land across 15th street though. A narrow stip of land (hope they go vertical on whatever they build there.
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