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  1. There hasn't been much action on this thread for a loooong time. Minneapolis has many updates! Anyone care to post?
  2. Actually I am working on the updates right now. (I could not spend time on it last week due to another project we're working on in the Bahamas.) The Nicollet is a VERY complex building regarding window mullion patterns, stone joints, balcony patterns and rhythms. Plus, all four facades are different. When the tower increased it's height, it caused the metal "arc" on the sides to change its radius, which then slightly changed every single window and stone pattern. I hope to have updated images of the exterior in a couple of days. The floor plans are coming along nicely as well. With 40 different units to choose from it takes quite a while to prepare the plans for the sales office.
  3. Yes there's a surprising amount of detail for Minneapolis, and St. Paul too. Very cool program!
  4. It's expected to break ground in August or early September, but I'm not positive about that. The web site for information and pre-sales should be up and running in a week or two. The design symbolizes how the building sits between the conservative, corporate office towers to the north (represented by the stone facade) and the cocktail-party atmosphere of the residential towers to the south (represented by the glass and the open-air balconies). The dividing Arc is supposed to represent the "vibe" of Nicollet Mall and the urbane streetlife below.
  5. Here's an updated shot of the new Nicollet Tower. (This of course is the computer model.) The height will be 625 feet / 191 meters to the top of the "arc" with 50 floors of condominiums.
  6. I like this building, but it does remind me of a jug of moonshine!
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