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  1. Let's goooo Ritz....3 more weeks left this year to break ground! The last week of the year is typically not one where groundbreaking announcements occur, although it *could* happen, but unlikely. Excited to see this one get going!
  2. Has construction on this hotel officially stopped? Sad to hear confirmation that it has, if that is the case. Want to see this built for Memphis so badly.
  3. Amazing. This is moving forward and along at a fast clip, and at a pace that most developers hope that a big project like this actually would move. Love to see fast progress! This building is going to look incredible.
  4. Great points. I am warming up to this spot, as well. Could be a super location once infrastructure and improvements to the surrounding area are made.
  5. The Haven looks like a building from something out of the Soviet Union from the 1950s/60s. Then someone threw some bright paint on a side or two, to "modern" it up. LOL
  6. That was a great insightful interview with the developer. After watching that, I feel like they will eventually find a way for it to be built.
  7. Good news! This development would be exciting to see happen. Bridging the gap between downtown and the medical district/midtown.
  8. Maybe there's a tiny chance this could be saved still? I dunno the specifics. Seems like such a very long, tedious and hard road to travel down for over 15 years + of planning, designing and overcoming major hurdles in general, in order to let $5 million dollars stand in the way of this hotel being built. Kind of embarrassing and head-scratching as to why. But if it does abruptly stop, and cannot be saved, I bet the site sits empty for at least a couple of years before anything happens--in order to get past this economic slow down.
  9. That is a phenomenal shot, that really captures the level of development that Nashville has seen in those areas of downtown and in the Gulch. Looking at this shot too though, you see how much development potential there still really is, and the level of density that can still easily occur. So many parking lots still remain in this picture, that are craving to be developed with infill. Can't wait to continue to see the buildings rise with Paseo.
  10. Yeah! It should move super fast. I'd think roughly one floor per week. At this rate, the building should top out by floor count by roughly May, 2023.
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