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  1. Yeah, I see Lombardi around the area all the time, and his car parked at his house. Fun as they may be, conspiracy theories do tend to be a distraction from addressing the real issues at hand. . . Say, Jen- is that swimming program going this summer? How do I get in on it? Please come back to UP! You are missed!
  2. Don't know which topic to put this under, but thought it sure was interesting: I just found our that RI has the lowest energy use per capita in the country, and the third lowest in per capita energy expenditure. Here. I think we also have among the shortest commutes, and I imagine the two topics are very closely related. Interesting, eh?
  3. Also worth nothing that the city concilor is directly involved with the Blackstone on the Southside project (right around the corner from the Gateway project), which is also very heavily "subsidized" (albeit for homeowners, not renters). So, is the "subsidized" part really the problem, is it about rental vs. homeownership, or is it a problem with the developer? It doesn't seem like this article gets to the root of the objections. Interesting that this makes it into the news now, after all the permits have been granted and the site has already been totally cleared and prepped for construction.
  4. I'm confused by the scheduling of the sessions, and who they are targeting. It seems like very few people will be able to participate in a 2 1/2 hour session in the middle of a workday. Are these sessions targeting mostly developers, planners, non-profit folks, etc who would be able to prioritize this in the middle of the week, or do they expect Joe Citizen to be there, too? And are they still talking about doing those intensive neighborhood-specific meetings at some later date? Will those be at times when more people can make it?
  5. I just moved from exactly that location. Broadway is pretty OK, with a lot of really impressive huge victorian architecture. Also, you will be in walking distance to Nick's, the greatest breakfast place I know. As for that area of Federal Hill, I suppose it really depends on what is most important to you about your neighborhood. I generally did feel safe on Courtland St., if safety is your biggest issue. What do you want to know about, specifically?
  6. Those things have always been around, but we haven't always had hysterical 24-hour TV coverage every time a blonde goes missing somewhere in the world. I chalk it up to over-exposure to sh**ty media.
  7. Back to parking- Are you talking about downtown parking for work, or overnight parking where you live? I pay $20/mo for a space in a parking lot near my house. I know that's cheap, but I think $50-$75 is pretty common in most areas, although I bet it's probably more in residential areas near Brown/RISD.
  8. I read that column about three times and couldn't figure out what his point was. Is "edgy" a good thing or a bad thing? What does that even mean? I was at the block party, and still couldn't figure out what he was talking about. I can't say I'm terribly impressed with his abilities as a compelling writer.
  9. Frankie, are you admitting to driving drunk, and complaining that you haven't been arrested? It seems to me that there is a more obvious problem here than that the cops are lazy.
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