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  1. University City Projects/News

    I like Concept A
  2. Columbia Area Population Statistics

    So Richland County's growth is accelerating while Lexington's is slowing....64k is a lot. You think maybe a lot more people from the rural parts of the state are starting to move to the more urban counties were the jobs are now
  3. South Carolina's population growth

    Very interesting info. Thanks!
  4. South Carolina's population growth

    2009 South Carolina - 4,561,242 (+57,962) Municipalities 2009 and growth from 2008 1. Columbia - 129,333 (+1484) 2. Charleston - 115,638 (+2127) 3. N. Charleston - 97,601 (+2512) 4. Rock Hill - 69,212 (+1319) 5. Mount Pleasant - 66,418 (+1092) 6. Greenville - 61,782 (+1461) 7. Summerville - 45,239 (+693) 8. Spartabnurg - 40,387 (+390) 9. Goose Creek - 39,064 (+1205) 10. Sumter - 38,412 (+11) 11. Hilton Head - 34,249 (+6) 12. Florence - 32,180 (+117) 13. Myrtle Beach - 31,968 (+936)
  5. A Case for Changing SC's Annexation Laws

    Columbia is eying 23 properties to annex. They are all for tax reasons. It would bring in an extra $265,000 a year. 12 of them have a covenant with the city. The other 11 don't but the city still may threaten them with their water service. here's the article
  6. A Case for Changing SC's Annexation Laws

    That's supposed to be out of 89 letters the city sent out. Here's the article.
  7. Economic developments in the Midlands

    According to TheState UCI Medical Affiliates is moving it's Forest Acres office to downtown at 1818 Henderson St. They employ 100 employees.
  8. Columbia Transit

    The buses are already new?
  9. Columbia Photo of the Day

    Lol @ "The Forgotten Towers"...I would love to see more towers built near those. It'll look like another skyline to downtown. It's so separate form the rest
  10. CanalSide

    Wow. It really is coming along
  11. A Case for Changing SC's Annexation Laws

    Columbia city residents must pay: City and county property taxes: $730 Water and sewer bill: $34.96 per month Storm water fee: $4.80 per month Richland County residents pay: Property tax (includes recreation commission, fire service, etc.): $590 Water and sewer bill: $60.70 per month Garbage service fee: $249 curb pickup So City of Columbia is: $769.76 And Richland County is: $899.7 Is it me, or is it cheaper to live in the city limits on a $100,000 home based on this information?
  12. A Case for Changing SC's Annexation Laws

    Here's an article in The State newspaper Here talking about how Columbia is moving to aggressively annex 20 unincorporated areas within the city limits through water service. Deleted. Please don't cut and paste newspaper articles on this site. It is in the rules
  13. Columbia Photo of the Day

    Wow! I see it now
  14. Columbia Photo of the Day

    Wow. That photo was taking the year I was born my lifetime ago..ummm I have no idea where that is
  15. Main Street/CBD Developments

    I forgot about that Wachovia renovation downtown. When were they actually supposed to start on that?