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  1. Lancaster and York County definitely reap the benefits of being in the Charlotte Metropolitan area. Ross is expanding and creating 700 more jobs in York County https://www.newsbreak.com/south-carolina/columbia/news/0PLyECGj/700-new-jobs-coming-to-york-county-as-ross-expands-distribution-operations
  2. I agree! Didn’t mean the actual beach each self. Meant the areas (attractions, restaurants, hotels, clubs, etc)
  3. Looks like SC is getting hit on the coast where so many people from out of state visit. I know everyone and their mother in Charlotte loves to visit Myrtle Beach and Charleston beaches. Charleston and Horry Counties are definitely in red. They may have to take a hit to their tourism economies and shut back down. FL and GA. Idk what to believe.
  4. Rock Hill/Fort Mill/York County I-77 Corridor is going to be a mini NOVA soon lol. Especially with a lot of companies jumping the state line or choosing to locate in the area. It'll look like it with skyscrapers in the suburbs.
  5. San Francisco is obviously way bigger. When you can fit 800,000+ people in University City Charlotte which is roughly the size of SF city limits. There’s no question what is the more populated area.
  6. Death Valley in Clemson or Williams Brice in Columbia would be the largest and closest football stadiums to play at (if they rebuild). They actually fit more people than the current BOA stadium.
  7. You have to talk about Charlotte on the SC forum when talking about York County, Lancaster County, and to a lesser extent Chester. They are apart of the largest metro in both states, therefore are getting businesses that SC would probably not have, NFL headquarters that SC would probably not have, possibly light rail, that SC probably wouldn't get, if it wasn't for Charlotte being so close by with the talent and airport. We can't wipe 400,000 South Carolinians (Charlotte side) off the map like they don't exist. Those nearly 400,000 South Carolinians have more access to major metropolitan area that just doesn't exist in SC, but just as accessible to them (if it wasn't for that imaginary line) as anybody living in the Greenville MSA, etc. Which shouldn't be ignored, since we're talking about the people of SC. But just like with Alexandria, Ashburn, Tyson's Corner, etc with Virginia in the DMV, you have to bring up DC. The Virginia forum can't wipe the NOVA area off the map because it's not "Richmond or VA Beach" etc. But, I wouldn't keep bringing it up when comparing South Carolina's big three however. Only when bringing in York County, etc into the mix....
  8. Looking at the Carolina's numbers, here are the top 15 in both states with growth change since 2010 and rank. Myrtle Beach is the 2nd fastest growing in the country by percentage. 1. Charlotte NC-SC MSA - 2,569,213 (+15.89%) 23 2. Raleigh MSA - 1,362,540 (+20.53%) 42 3. Greenville MSA - 906,626 (+10.01%) 61 4. Columbia MSA - 832,666 (+8.48%) 70 5. Charleston MSA - 787,643 (+18.51%) 74 6. Greensboro MSA - 767,711 (+6.07%) 75 7. Winston-Salem MSA - 671,456 (+4.82%) 84 8. Durham MSA - 575,412 (+14.09%) 96 9. Myrtle Beach SC-NC MSA - 480,891 (+27.65%) 112 10. Asheville MSA - 459,585 (+8.17%) 117 11. Fayeteville MSA - 387, 094 (+5.65%) 138 12. Hickory MSA - 386,416 (+0.80%) 146 13. Spartanburg MSA - 341,416 (+8.95%) 151 14. Wilmington MSA - 294,436 (+15.52%) 165 15. Hilton Head MSA - 217,686 (+16.40%) 207
  9. You can’t compare city populations to other states. SC has had the most restrictive annexation laws on the country for over 100 years.....SC metro areas are large. If you talk about only city limits then Atlanta would be the second largest and probably third largest after Raleigh passed it. You really think Charlotte is bigger than Atlanta or Miami or DC???
  10. South Carolina's annexation laws have been in the books for over one hundred years. That's why the City Limit populations are not as large. There are about 400,000 people with a Columbia address. A majority of them are in unincorporated areas that are highly urban, but the state made annexation nearly impossible. There was never a such thing as involuntary annexation as NC had before they changed the laws. Columbia, Charleston, and Greenville are the largest MSA's in the Carolina's after Charlotte, and Raleigh....So city limit population comparison isn't the best when comparing other states. Charlotte is not larger than Atlanta and Miami, etc.... Most Populated MSAs in NC/SC #1 Charlotte #2 Raleigh #3 Greenville (SC) #4 Columbia #5 Charleston #6 Greensboro #7 Winston-Salem
  11. 2009 South Carolina - 4,561,242 (+57,962) Municipalities 2009 and growth from 2008 1. Columbia - 129,333 (+1484) 2. Charleston - 115,638 (+2127) 3. N. Charleston - 97,601 (+2512) 4. Rock Hill - 69,212 (+1319) 5. Mount Pleasant - 66,418 (+1092) 6. Greenville - 61,782 (+1461) 7. Summerville - 45,239 (+693) 8. Spartabnurg - 40,387 (+390) 9. Goose Creek - 39,064 (+1205) 10. Sumter - 38,412 (+11) 11. Hilton Head - 34,249 (+6) 12. Florence - 32,180 (+117) 13. Myrtle Beach - 31,968 (+936)
  12. Columbia is eying 23 properties to annex. They are all for tax reasons. It would bring in an extra $265,000 a year. 12 of them have a covenant with the city. The other 11 don't but the city still may threaten them with their water service. here's the article http://www.thestate.com/local/story/1167364.html
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