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  1. The project sounds pretty cool but I am not sure that I am very fond of the design of the hub. It is sorely needed in Jacksonville but the area by the Prime Osborn is not exactly hopping. Maybe, in due time, downtown will extend out by the Prime Osborn instead of dying out half-way there.
  2. I don't know. If automobiles continue to move toward different types of fuel, the middle east might just be out-of-luck. I don't think that by having the world's tallest building will make it the world's BEST country. We will see what happens...
  3. Wow, that is a list. Are these projects privately being developed or is the government controlling most of it?
  4. I just read about that. What made them decide to move the building?
  5. Wow, that is pretty neat. What made them move the Pinnacle to the other location and change the name?
  6. Gainesville could use some development in its downtown. I would like to see some small size, such as some 10 to 15 story buildings on some vacant lots in Gainesville. It would add a lot to the city.
  7. I don't know. At times it seems Emporis can skew things because it doesn't include all of the projects for Jacksonville, Fl and the beaches. This leads me to doubt wheter or not that they are accurate on the Pinnacle. Regardless, it sounds (or sounded) really cool!
  8. Now those are some awesome projects. Although they are really tall, it seems that the buildings are magnificient architecture. I love the computerized generation of the construction.
  9. That sounds right. Thanks for answering my question. I thought that Helsinki was larger than the previous number that you posted but I see that those numbers were just the city and not the metro.
  10. Thanks for clearing it up! Also, I thought Helsinki was larger than that. Is that just the metro area only?
  11. Why are there no central areas for high-rises in Oslo. It seems that sprawl is conroling Norwegian cities. Is this the case or am I wrong?
  12. Norway seems to not have as much density in its cities. There really are not that many skyscrapers or highrises in Olso even. Is this true or am I wrong? Also, what about Finland?
  13. here we go again. Dubai is just booming with another entire community. Each community that Dubai has is almost like a separate city in itself. Dubai lnad, the Palms... Just incredible.
  14. They are building it. Construction is going on right now as I write.
  15. Manchester is a beautiful town! I love the pictures of downtown.
  16. I thought Paris was bigger than 2 mil...
  17. The last picture is a really neat look at the Detroit skyline.
  18. That is a really neat development taking place in Richmond. I can't wait to see how it turns out.
  19. It is a good idea to have a transportation hub in jacksonville. It think that it will benefit the city greatly.
  20. That rationalizing got my team in trouble last week when we lost to West Nassau. We figured we beat Hamilton County who lost to West Nassau, then we should be able to beat them. Not a good idea.
  21. I think that Jacksonville will avoid a blackout. The game will be really good if Jacksonville plays well.
  22. Indy is the big test especially after they steamrolled Tennessee in Nashville last weekend.
  23. Definitely. That performance against the Pack was outstanding. It will be a true test!
  24. Be the bigger man and end it. Ignore what he says.
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