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  1. whoops! I missed the whole homeownership bit, sorry about that! I think given the reasonable rents in JP, you could probably find something to buy out there as well.
  2. I used to live in JP, as did my husband, and we both loved it. I hadn't been back there in about 4 years until about 2 weeks ago. A very good friend of mine just moved there and it's as great as I remember! JP is a great place to live. As with anyplace, it's got its bad parts (Jackson Square) that need to be avoided. However, JP is also known for it's gorgeous huge Victorian homes that have been split into apartments, and of course we can't forget Jamaica Pond and the lively Center Street. Center (and even South) Street is filled with shops and eclectic restaurants. Transportation
  3. Hingham is gorgeous, would you consider staying close to your job? Or do you definitely want to live in the city? If you are set on city living, they have a great water taxi that serves as your public transportation that goes from the waterfront to Hingham (I can't remember if it goes all the way to Hingham or not, you can check www.mbta.com for more info) - you just might want to think of other options during winter months, as sometimes the water freezes and they can't run the ferries. If this is ok for you, you can live in the North End - teeny apartments (but you're used to that from N
  4. First of all, ezcheese, glad your trip was good, but sorry to hear about the nightmare issues with finding an apt. dyerview - Roslindale is a pretty cool area, right near JP (Jamaica Plain) which is a fantastic area to be in for culture. I don't know that you'll find a pretty building, certainly not as pretty as Brookline or right in Boston, but if the price is right and you are cool with the location, go for it! The commute would be a bit tough for you to get to BU from there. Will you have a car? Otherwise you'll need to take a bus to Forest Hills, which you'll probably have to transf
  5. Hi there! I know I am probably repeating what many others have said, but I also suggest Waltham. I grew up in Waterbury!! I moved to the Boston area 6 years ago, and my first place was in Waltham. I have since lived or worked in every part of Boston and it's immediate suburbs. For the areas your girlfriend will be traveling to, Waltham is perfect. Near every major highway, near the commuter rail, and only about a 20-30minute ride into the city. I am happy to hear you will both be here next week. You must hit Back Bay for the Marathon Monday festivities. I used to live on Newbury
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