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  1. That's been painted for as long as I can recall. Maybe it's been repainted recently, but been painted for a long while.
  2. The developer of Metro Health Village says they are planning over $2 billion in work in the next 2 years, including residential buildings and a "food hall" component. https://www.grbj.com/articles/94790-granger-eyes-55m-project-next-year
  3. Thanks Joe, appreciate the update! Sure, the building could be taller, but they got the proportions right. That's one of the things that bugs me about the Warner building. I feel like the entrance to that building is squat. like you are going into a cave. It should have a grand 2 story entrance like all tall...er buildings should.
  4. Awesome thanks GVSUChris and Joe! What happened to the concrete??!!
  5. This fell off page 1, and has been a whole 3 weeks since I've seen an updated pic! Can someone take a nice couple of pics for me here in Chicago?
  6. Thanks Joe. I prefer this darker siding over the beige siding on the renderings.
  7. Rendering looks sharp! It will be a nice addition to the neighborhood.
  8. Just to have someone come in and clean up the place would be a plus. I can't imagine that they would run any kind of restaurant out of that space, but an update similar to Creston market would be nice.
  9. I think he's talking about this one before they renovated this plaza sometime in the late 80s or early 90s. There is a person in white and yellow walking near it in the below postcard.
  10. Does 5/3rd still have a branch along the street there, and if so wonder if it's apart of this project?
  11. Does it look better in person?
  12. In addition to the new building Brann's has planned on Leonard, they are putting $1 million into renovating their restaurant just down the block. It looks like they will also clean up the front facade, fully opening up the windows to the street. https://www.grbj.com/articles/94547-west-side-restaurant-plans-1m-renovation
  13. Joe - Answer to your question. New bar called IDC https://www.idontcaregr.com/ https://www.grbj.com/articles/94559-balcony-bar-opens-downtown
  14. Doug Meijer's name will be atop the new medical innovation building on Michigan as he and the the Meijer Foundation donate nearly $20mm to the project. https://mibiz.com/sections/health-care/meijer-family-donates-19-5-million-for-new-msu-facility-in-downtown-grand-rapids
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