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  1. I believe that the tower you see here behind 100 Ottawa is a proposed apartment tower that would sit atop of the parking structure. BUT great news on Acrisure pending move! Kudos to them for believing in downtown Grand Rapids, while all those other suburban based companies turn their back on downtown! Maybe this will start a trend? When I think about it I guess another insurance firm, Van Wyk, is moving from EGR , taking the 10th floor at Warner Tower as I write this.
  2. I think its one of the most unusual builds I've seen! Seems like its been a slow go since they went vertical or is that just me? Glad to see progress.
  3. We have one of these boiler places by us where you eat with your hands. It is messy! I'm not a huge seafood guy, but it's soooo good I crave it now.
  4. I thought 40 Acres was good. Worth checking out. Just had drinks at Linear, but good.
  5. Just spoke with regional manager for North Peak while visiting TC location. He said they dropped out of the Red Lyon site because, Jolly Pumpkin, while self sustaining is not doing as well as they would like and decided not to add more to their plate in GR. He says they are going to look at reworking JP with a bit more sophisticated menu. Those are my words based on our conversation. He mentioned Butchers Union killing it with their concept and I think he wants to add a little of that to JP. I think they were part owners of this building and are trying to sell the unfinished space now. What a bummer.
  6. I'm curious as to what the hotel will come out like. Rendering did not make it clear what material they were going to use clad the building. Looks like maybe some EFIS or some kind of metal siding?
  7. Is it possible that the restaurant/bar project is stalled, but the apartment side of the project is still moving forward?
  8. What?! Is Jolly Pumpkin not doing well, and they have decided to get out while they can? Seems odd to put this much into a project and abandon it on a red hot block, in a red hot economy. What's the story?
  9. Yes, I would think this is very challenging since they will keep the hotel open. Plaza Towers, from what I recall was vacated during the reskin.
  10. The HPC has already approved demo of the home, so I would imagine at this point it's just a matter if they approve of the design. They want to begin construction of these townhome & apartment units this summer. https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/metric-structures-proposes-10-unit-multifamily-development-off-wealthy-street
  11. MDOT is actually repaving the first couple of miles from the state line toward New Buffalo as I write this.
  12. Now that's service! Thank you! I could be wrong, but looking at that picture if they are using steel we should start to see this go up in the next 4 weeks!?
  13. April 5th, almost 2 months ago was the last picture posted on this project. Come on, you guys are better than that! Or has nothing really happened?
  14. mpchicago


    I would not normally post about an event, but this one sounds cool, as it will take place on the 6th Street Bridge. City Built Brewing and Farmhaus Cider will be hosting an event on the bridge June 8th. Bridge Blast will include free family activities, and after 3 will include ticketed live music event. Sounds like an awesome spot for a party! https://citybuiltbrewing.com/
  15. Unless I'm looking at this wrong, are they going to bulldoze those nice looking Italianate and Bungalow homes at the end of the block?
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