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  1. This does include the Big Boy site. It's apart of the plaza along Pearl. I'm I looking at this correctly - Plans call for the fire station "FS" to be removed along Bridge street for development as well?
  2. Breton Village site plan shows a Morning Belle in the same strip as Bobcat Bonnies. My assumption is they have signed a lease? https://www.cwdrealestate.com/great-spaces/breton-village
  3. It's my understanding they should be in their offices by next spring, which seems really fast.
  4. ICCF is getting ready to move in to the old Grand Rapids Christian High School at Franklin and Madison. Besides moving the HQ there, the building includes the home of the Madison Church, 40 new affordable apartment units, and an early childhood learning center. It turned our really nice, and will be a great anchor for the area. Did anyone buy the ICCF building on Cherry?
  5. Spectrum Monroe North plans call for: - As renderings suggested vacating Bond with Fairbanks ending in circle drive at plaza in rear of new CTI Building and Brass Works. A Bond "service drive" would have access both from Newberry and Trowbridge. - Phase 1 would include 2 ramps - A 420 space garage behind the new CTI building, and a 420 space garage and 100-150 surface spots on the old Gill site, directly across the street. - Future plans on Gill site could include a building along Fairbanks between Bond and Ottawa connecting to the "Gill" parking structure and another possible liner building along Ottawa and Newberry.
  6. This view is facing West/North West. The new 160,000 square foot building is aligned east/west, with its massing facing south toward downtown. Skywalk to Brass Works, with walkway where Fairbanks used to run from Bond to Monroe. You see a parking structure to north of the new building with skywalk to possible other parking structure. There is a large plaza off of Bond, with drop off area and a pavilion with what appears to be seating area. From the rendering it appears they may ask to vacate Bond? I know this is a preliminary rendering, but I hope they work on that plaza/drop-off area, it looks a little thrown together. They could break ground later this year.
  7. It's my understanding that the Brazilian Steak House is still a go.
  8. I noticed a mural on the GRPD headquarters building, and then noticed the Ethel B Cole Way sign next to 37 Ottawa. That brought me to this website about activating alley's with important women of Grand Rapids. https://www.womenswaygr.org/
  9. SIBSCO (Secchia family) owns the El Sombrero building and property. I'm surprised they have not come forward with mixed use proposal for the property yet.
  10. So the billboard. Is that a long term lease in place that can't be broken? Glad this project is moving forward. How does the Rapid station under 131 look, don't think I've seen the finished product.
  11. It is (or was) Hartwood antiques. They specialized in the Arts and Crafts movement furniture and décor. The guy that owns the store also owns the building, as far as I understood. I mostly browsed, but did buy this old reflective sign about 10 years ago.
  12. It's the second phase Acisure Insurance HQ building, SW corner of Oakes & Ottawa. You can see the their 100 Ottawa building just to the left in the rendering. Hope Covid didn't kill this project.
  13. Integrated Architecture nearing completion of their Monroe North offices. Working on a little RED rebranding as well. https://www.facebook.com/IntegratedArchitecture/ https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/integrated-architecture-puts-finishing-touches-on-new-office-space-near-downtown-gr
  14. I just reviewed their website, and YouTube channel. Lots of interviews from those involved. Yes, looks like this is moving full speed ahead. A lot of moving parts, and involvement from local, state, federal and international agencies. Sounds like they want to start work this year! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbKsFs9iGrso5Zrk1uRtYmg
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