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  1. To be built near Woda Front Avenue apartment complex and river: 2/another_riverfront_hotel_comin.html#incart_2box_news_grand-rapids
  2. If I'm not mistaken, low income/workforce housing was proposed for that spot. Not sure of the status.
  3. I agree, love the transparency. It doesn't look like seven stories, but it does look very nice. Hope they can land a nice lead tenant so it doesn't get value engineered to death. So on the back side, how tall will the ramp go? Will some office floor be looking right into a parking ramp?
  4. The State of Downtown Grand Rapids Retail

    That's a shame, a loss for Downtown if true. I visited every year at AP. What kid (or adult) doesn't want ice cream?
  5. Keeler Building - 56 North Division

    HA! Whatever works! Not sure if it was a parking issue, lack of interest from tenants, or a combination? FP - Let's make this happen!
  6. Keeler Building - 56 North Division

    Franklin Partners..... Do you think you could try to make this work, now that a ramp is in the works at the Library a block away?
  7. Highway and Road Construction Updates

    I think they are adding an additional lane to Fuller.
  8. New projects on the West Side

    I'd like to see these panels in person. Not feeling it from the renders. Not sure its worse than 616 lofts on Michigan Street,
  9. I've seen worse. I do like the 2 stories of windows with the black divided lights. Yes, some similarities to Tall House.
  10. This conversation is hilarious. Thousands of people who work and live in downtown Chicago, walk from their train, on one side of the Loop to the other. From their apartment or condo in the West Loop or River North, into the Loop, every day. In many cases, we are talking at least a mile.... one way. Don't get me wrong, there are many who also Uber/Lift/Cab too, but it's very common to walk long distances to get to the train or lunch, etc. Even in the winter, unless it's unbearably cold, but even then people still walk. A Library ramp is close enough to the CBD to work for most CBD employees or visitors. This isn't your Grandma's Grand Rapids anymore. Think outside the box a little.
  11. RFP - 201 Market

    The F&C rendering does look pretty cool overall, and we can kind of get a feel for what they propose, at least from the riverside. It would be nice to see a site plan to get a better understanding of the whole project, including what they propose facing Market, or do the 4 buildings we see center/right abut Market? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the GR Forward plan did call for greater river access, here as well as other locations. I know Lyon Square was suppose to have direct river access.
  12. 50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    Word on the street is that most likely, CWD is keeping advertising on sound end of Ottawa building, the arches are too expensive to replace, how to handle cinder block area still up on their air, but some ideas are being bounced around with architect.
  13. Shipping Containers as Homes

    Yes, Sovengard. A few years back, someone had the idea for a shipping container "food court" in Eastown, where the Eastown flats are now. This whole movement has been around for a while. I Really like the idea of recycling these into different uses.
  14. Gaslight Village

    I can't say that I'm a huge fan of the way these turned out. They look awkward to me, and I don't think the design will stand the test of time. I guess I would have preferred a more traditional exterior in this area of town. If they were going for a modern look, I think it could have been handled better. Inside materials/design don't look $610,000 to me. My parents $250,000 interior looks better. With that said, the townhouses are more appropriate than what was there before, and better suited for this street.