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  1. Looking forward to this infill after 50 years as parking lot. WOW a half century! Unreal.
  2. Sounds like this could end up being more of a Fresh Thyme Market concept than a traditional Mejier grocery concept. Has anyone been to the Fresh Thyme on Burton? I think it's supposed to be a hybrid between a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe's...
  3. Those zany folks at Spectrum just opened their top to bottom renovation of the 30 year old suburban medical building at 426 Michigan. Bummer they could not invest in a plan that brought a new building out to the street instead. I guess $$$ played a factor in that.
  4. Thanks to PPWIII on Flickr for snapping this pic 650 Wealthy. Glad to see work moving forward. Does anyone know if a lease was signed?
  5. I agree Dollar General, or any dollar store for that matter doesn't usually have a positive connotation. Bummer that the redevelopment project fell through. The only hope is that since this is in a historic district and they plan on modifying the facade, one would think they would have serious scrutiny from the HPC. They are very hard on home owners who want to make modifications, why would it be different with a commercial building?
  6. Very interesting to see a rehab like that in an area of homes where many appear to be in fair to poor condition. I guess it's a street right between the hot Fairmount Square/Cherry and Fulton business districts, and that's what's driving it. It will be interesting if we will see more of this in that area? Maybe there has been and I just don't know. With regard to housing developments, It appears Koetje Builders has given up finishing out the River Road Farms subdivision in Comstock Park. They started developing that property back in the 1990s and built homes there till the downturn. I think Koetje still own 45 acres there, and is trying to sell it off as a single house site instead.
  7. I think that's our man. I believe he has his tentacles in a lot of ventures.
  8. Speaking of this location, plans are moving forward to rebuild Sheldon Blvd. The final design selected is the linear park option that will eventual run from Cathedral Square to Vets Park. The city has also contracted with Katerberg -VerHage to move forward with, what appears to be, a scaled back plan to update Vets park. The reflecting pool will be rebuilt, with a new concrete plaza installed. Walkways will be built in the current configuration with new concrete. Here is the final Sheldon configuration. It doesn't appear to have a bike lane?
  9. Solomon Building Group and Phoenix 5, LLC (American Realty) are planning a renovation of an existing building, along with an addtion for first floor office and second floor apartments at 824 Bridge. I think the also own the single family home at the corner of Indiana and Bridge. Looks like a nice project.
  10. Any insight as to why this location "at best" is 'on hold'? I don't recall any major issues?
  11. Russo's is great, and I'm glad they are coming downtown. Wishing them the best at this tough location. Maybe they can work with the landlord/city on better signage options.... Maybe one out at Monroe and Fulton? Bottom line, if they make themselves a draw/destination, I think they will be successful.
  12. The folks that own San Chez are joining the redevelopment at the Calder Plaza building with a new restaurant concept.
  13. We (Catholic Central) had part of our Senior all night party there in 1990. Do schools still do that? It did have Circus theme from what I recall. I don't recall the back room sex toys and midgets.
  14. Grand Rapids loss is Wyoming gain, and you can' beat the parking at the Rogers site. Frankly Wyoming needs some love, I say good for them. The article states: The company made headlines in 2014 when it cited the increasing cost of parking in Grand Rapids’ core business district as the reason it planned to move about 300 employees out of its downtown location to the Centennial Park office, according to reports at the time. That move came after Orion Construction Co. Inc. built the new mixed-use Arena Place development on a surface parking lot near Advantage Sales & Marketing downtown office.
  15. That's great! Speaking on Monroe North - City Built is expected to open this month now that they have been cleared with the state LCC.