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  1. RFP - 201 Market

    The F&C rendering does look pretty cool overall, and we can kind of get a feel for what they propose, at least from the riverside. It would be nice to see a site plan to get a better understanding of the whole project, including what they propose facing Market, or do the 4 buildings we see center/right abut Market? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the GR Forward plan did call for greater river access, here as well as other locations. I know Lyon Square was suppose to have direct river access.
  2. 50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    Word on the street is that most likely, CWD is keeping advertising on sound end of Ottawa building, the arches are too expensive to replace, how to handle cinder block area still up on their air, but some ideas are being bounced around with architect.
  3. Shipping Containers as Homes

    Yes, Sovengard. A few years back, someone had the idea for a shipping container "food court" in Eastown, where the Eastown flats are now. This whole movement has been around for a while. I Really like the idea of recycling these into different uses.
  4. Gaslight Village

    I can't say that I'm a huge fan of the way these turned out. They look awkward to me, and I don't think the design will stand the test of time. I guess I would have preferred a more traditional exterior in this area of town. If they were going for a modern look, I think it could have been handled better. Inside materials/design don't look $610,000 to me. My parents $250,000 interior looks better. With that said, the townhouses are more appropriate than what was there before, and better suited for this street.
  5. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    As you can see, not much of a presence in the skyline, but it's better than a poke in the eye. Courtesy WMrapids from Oct 2016.
  6. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    Yes, those are old documents. It's my understanding that Warner Tower is 15 stories tall, and will be about 200 feet, just shy of the 206 foot tall courthouse. This building will not be dominant in the skyline, but the 2 tower project will add much needed infill, street presence, and activity to CBD.
  7. East Beltline Developments

    Disappointing anchor tenant announced for Knapp's Crossing. They apparently continue to struggle to attract high end tenants. TJ Maxx to anchor Knapps Crossing
  8. DGRI President leaving

    When Larson first came on board I was excited that someone young was taking the helm, who could bring fresh ideas, and hopefully be in the position long term. However, in the back of my mind I always had a feeling it might not last. So I'm not surprised. He was young, and was using Grand Rapids as a stepping stone to get where he wanted to be. I don't have any insight as to how well he did his job, but it's unfortunate that after just five years the DDA/ DGRI now has to find a replacement. It would be nice if DRGI could find a candidate that would put down some roots, and wholly invest the job, and downtown's progress for the long term. Or maybe its good to have a new perspective ever 5 to 10 years??? Is the general consensus that he did bring fresh ideas, and did a good job?
  9. Heritage Hill / Cherry Hill / Wealthy Street Updates

    It appears that they made some minor changes from the last renderings presented in 2015, see below. This is still one of the best infill projects in town, and in general still like the design of both buildings. Did they change from red brick to grey on the Eastern building? Hmm....
  10. New projects on the West Side

    demhem pointed out in an earlier post today that the floor plan shows "North Peak Brewing."
  11. New projects on the West Side

    Yes Joe, save the Red Lion signs! Does anyone know who owns Kale's Corner, and if they are going to make any kind of effort? Windows would be a nice starting point.
  12. New projects on the West Side

    Yes that was mentioned. Again, if you look at the zoom of the first floor - floor plan, it identifies an apartment lobby on the east side of the building. Looks like they are going for a multi use set up, similar to the New Holland/Rockford complex down the street.
  13. Blue 35 - 35 Oakes - Heartside Manor/Merten Hotel

    A quick look inside the New Hotel Mertens brasserie at 35 Oakes, courtesy Concept Design. Has anyone been? I know it just opened.
  14. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    A cool birds eye image of progress @ Warner Tower provided by your friends at Concept Design. Still no sight of the tower crane though.