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  1. Thanks Joe! The lower floors are a lot darker than I imagined. I'm hopeful. I think the difference between Chew's other buildings and this one... 1) It's on a busy, central thoroughfare 2) It's all new construction with 50% market rate 3) I assume the retail space gets some customer parking in the ramp. Still hopeful we will see a full service Walgreen's or CVS.
  2. I know it's not beer, but this probably came about because of GR Beer. GR lands on another top 10 ten list, with some pretty big hitters. GR - Top 10 Craft Spirit Destinations
  3. Agreed. I know the Founder's folks are fully behind it, and continue to raise funds. Wonder if we will see some of the big names in town get behind this too? BTW, are the Van Andel's still giving money or did that die with Jay. Let's hope the proposed federal budget doesn't blow this up along with the rest of the Great Lakes.
  4. I'm curious about City High School (Creston). Are those numbers always the same because you have to apply to get into that school, and they have a cap? Does anyone know how that works?
  5. I've been wondering for a while if the back side was finished this way because of costs, or because they plan on having a parking ramp there. Sounds like they do plan on having a ramp at some point, so if it butts up against this building there would be no point in making the backside look nice. With that said, I'm also not thrilled with looking at a parking ramp from the freeway either. I assume the parking ramp would also be apart of the development zone directly to the north connecting to that building too. Maybe the 2 other development areas would hide the ramp. It will be interesting to see if we hear news on developing the other sites soon or if they will sit vacant for 10-15 years. That RFP never really took off or did I forget/miss something.
  6. What happened to the Cherry Street Capital plans for Eastern and Cherry?
  7. It's crazy, isn't it! In Chicago about 4500 units are expected to go on line in 2017, and an additional 4200 for 2018! This winter new buildings were giving up to 2 months free rent to lure renters. Supply is exceeding demand as occupancy rates for new class A have dropped to their lowest since 2009. With that said, occupancy rates over all for class A apartments are still north of 90%. I was also reading about a new class A 20 story 450,000 sf office building being constructed a couple of blocks from my west loop tenants, 100% speculative!!! I'm really hoping that 10 Ionia (Hinman) gets off the ground before the apartment market dries up in downtown GR!
  8. Its hard to tell from the rendering, but they were actually following the same exact lines, and window layout of the original building, and I think were going to reuse the old stone roof cornice on top of the addition. I liked the contrast in brick color from the original two floors to the new red brick for the addition.
  9. DTS Winkelmann, designed an addition to the building about 10 years ago, before the recession put a lid on the plan.
  10. 7 Monks is opening on Friday April 21.
  11. That Domino's sign practically jumps off my computer screen! . Yes, the windows are going to make a huge difference. Some folks were complaining about the Juliet balconies that have been installed on the back of the building, saying they needed to be "full balconies." I don't know if I agree. I assume we will see balconies on all sides of building? It looks like some of the openings in the "front" of the building are larger. It will be interesting to see what they do there.
  12. I think so....
  13. Originally plans for "The Gardens" were proposed for Wahlfield Park in Alpine Township, but when Fred Meijer donated this land plans quickly changed for the better.... Do the rough sketches released remind anyone else of the Grand Rapids Art Museum, even a little bit?
  14. WOW - That's a long time to lurk! Congratulations on your first post! Maybe GRPD are considering a substation? Highly doubt that they are moving HQ.
  15. Meijer closing 2 more small format stores in Chicagoland Earlier this year Meijer also closed a small format store in Niles, IL. There were also tentative plans to open another small format store in Morton Grove, IL too. I suspect those plans have been scrapped due to the failure of the similar stores in suburban Chicago. It seems that Meijer has not had success with smaller format over the years, i.e., Meijer Square format. Hopefully lessons learned as plans move forward to open a small format store on Grand Rapids' near west side. It would seem that they might have better luck with that store, as Meijer is a well known and "trusted" brand in Grand Rapids.