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  1. And my brother's deck.
  2. Even if they don't complete a patio by ArtPrize, I would think they could have a makeshift patio to take advantage of the crowds. However, it appears there is still enough room for a giant pig...
  3. The document advises that they could start work in November 2017, with completion in 2 years. It also looks like the city will give them 10 years to develop phase 2 office/residential.
  4. Elliott's news stand to reopen at McKay Tower.
  5. Right - Like others have said, some of these projects are very complex, and take lots of time. This is one no exception. Apparently the Warner project was nearly dead a couple of times in the long development process, but here we are today with crews digging for footings. And wow, that Meijer development is really moving along on the near Westside.
  6. Wow- It looks 100% better then it used to! A couple pet peeves though. It appears the new window openings have casement style windows, and are not double hung like the windows from the original openings. I don't think casement are appropriate for this style building. It also appears the new window openings don't have stone sills like the old window openings? It almost makes it look like the windows were pasted onto the building facade. But, again, it does look better than before.
  7. Yes, it looks like the the city will need to vacate some of its right of way for building footings. This project appears to be moving forward, that's great to hear!
  8. This mall was going up the same time as GGP's mall in Frisco, TX. Even at the time, I thought that the Frisco mall was getting better finishes, and seemed more refined than Rivertown. Glad they are doing something. They may end up doing more if the Woodland project comes to full fruition.
  9. GGP is doing some minor refreshments. They are updating the color schemes, specifically the mauve truss work on the interior, fresh paint on the entrances, and new signage. No major work, and should be done by the holidays.
  10. I believe it was built as rail line access for the delivery of paper to the paper.
  11. How about, can they require some revisions? Find it hard to believe they would grandfather this mess, but considering what was planned for this corner, and what is coming to this corner, nothing would surprise me.
  12. Looking forward to this infill after 50 years as parking lot. WOW a half century! Unreal.
  13. Sounds like this could end up being more of a Fresh Thyme Market concept than a traditional Mejier grocery concept. Has anyone been to the Fresh Thyme on Burton? I think it's supposed to be a hybrid between a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe's...
  14. Those zany folks at Spectrum just opened their top to bottom renovation of the 30 year old suburban medical building at 426 Michigan. Bummer they could not invest in a plan that brought a new building out to the street instead. I guess $$$ played a factor in that.
  15. Thanks to PPWIII on Flickr for snapping this pic 650 Wealthy. Glad to see work moving forward. Does anyone know if a lease was signed?