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  1. Are you serious? You dont really believe this do you? Do you remember Downtown Charleston before Hugo?
  2. I think Charleston is the most beautiful city in America. The neighborhoods, the colors of the houses, the architecture. Everything. I am born and raise downtown so thats all I ever knew. Growing up I didnt realize or appreciate it the way I do now because I didnt know anything different. All I knew was Charleston. Now that Ive been other places. Coming back home just makes me realize how unique the city looks. How tall the houses are. Im just now realizing the fact that a lot of our houses are 3-4 storys tall. Its nothing to see a 3 or 4 story single house lined on one of the streets. All down to the floorboards. Ours are all different sizes, as opposed to modern wooden floors where everything is uniformily cut. Our houses are so old wit the red tin roofs. Charleston looks completely different from anywhere else in the country. I had to go away and come back to truly appreciate how beautiful our city is.
  3. Wow. A new College of Charleston gym. This has been a long time comin lol. I have memories in that gym.
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