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  1. Word on the street is McFadden's was sold, deal closed Monday... I had heard that Mark Sellers picked it up...
  2. Not really "metro" but.. close enough http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2010/09/amway_heir_dick_and_betsy_devo.html
  3. Word on the street is 25 Kitchen and Bar was approved by the state for the liquor license transfer and should be open tomorrow night after 5pm.
  4. I'm not "artsy" either, but I do LOVE people downtown so this excites me too. Question, do you need to typically have a "permit/license" of sorts to perform on the streets like in some cities? If so, I wonder if that's going to be waived during this
  5. Wow.. looks like Bar Louie, but d/t. Even the menu font is the same..
  6. Here's something cool.. it's urban because.. uhm, it's sidewalks and people in cities. And how friendly and helpful people can be. http://www.tweenbots.com/ If nothing else it's a catchy tune.
  7. Heard Sushi type place with a deep house DJ (Tom Hohman and someone else). Not sure if it's trying to do the restaurant -> club late night thing or just the big city "lounge" type feel. Also heard they've got someone from Marado lined up as the sushi chef.
  8. They have a website: http://www.dragonroomgr.com It's registered to Steven Hummel
  9. Yeah.. the house is a MONSTER inside.. it's still under construction, the owner said it should be done fairly soon. I know there's some more pictures that should be able to get up here soon. Its still at a point that it's hard to tell how "nice" it will be inside, but I can say it's VERY modern looking inside. Reminds me of something you'd see in Miami or something. The bridge over the ravine for the driveway was pretty sweet.
  10. Some people.. are sloooooow learners: http://www.woodtv.com/Global/story.asp?S=8920205
  11. Rumor on the street is the "Soft Opening" is tentatively set for next Thursday evening May 22nd.
  12. That's why it was suggested to let him "re-bid" as well, the city already likes the plan, but the funding market isn't there. Who knows how long it's going to take for that to bounce back, or how long it will take for GR to meet the demands of what wants to be done with this project to satisfy investors. Maybe a different project would have an easier time getting funding? I imagine the funding is based on all the "pieces" of the project, retail, hotel, condo, apartment, theater etc. What if there was a different mix of all that? Scattered throughout this thread and others there has been talk about retail vacancy rates, class a/b/c/d/e office vacancy rates, condo vacancies etc etc... so why not go after something that would be an easier pitch?
  13. Disclaimer: I am in NO way involved with anything in the development business That being said... While I don't agree with a parking ramp there, I don't see what the issue is with at least seeing if there's any interest by any other parties that may be able to come up with funding... Sure, if Azzar wants to show his interest let him, get new proposals from all interested parties and if Gallery on Fulton is still the best, let it continue. There has been a lot of changes in the last 4 years or so in GR between the JW, Bridgewater, and the Medical Hill, who knows if there's developers out there (local or national) that might have ideas for that corner. Don't get me wrong, I love what Sam Cummings has done in this town, I love he's a local guy and I don't want to see asphalt or a ramp there, but year after year of weeds isn't exactly what I want to see either. Why not say "We'll give you a 90-180 day extension, free of charge (minus the previous deposit), but in that same time we'll let other people send in new proposals". After reading my post, I understand any new proposals may have the same funding issues Sam is running into.
  14. Guess you should do some Due Diligence before you assume you can just cut a venting hole for your kitchen in a historic building.
  15. Ok.. so I'm an information nerd... From my research it takes an act of the Board of Govenors of the United States Postal Service, an 11 member committee, 9 of which are Presidentially appointed and senate confirmed. The 9 then select the Postmaster General, who then appoints a Deputy General. This committee is responsible amongst other things: "The Board directs the exercise of the powers of the Postal Service, directs and controls its expenditures, reviews its practices, conducts long-range planning, and sets policies on all postal matters. The Board takes up matters such as service standards, capital investments and facilities projects exceeding $25 million. It also approves officer compensation." More information you ask? Wikipedia on the USPS "The Boards" website
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