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  1. Negative.. he's got blonde hair, i have brown...
  2. I'm usually here at 8:15.. and then again throughout the day
  3. That would be an awsome spot, close to the GRATA lot, highway on/off ramps right there. Tons of other nightlife places. Probably would draw more national retailers/eateries d/t in other open spaces already built d/t.. Someone should make the suggestion
  4. I'll be up north, but if i HAVE to I'll drive down to consume leftovers.. Love my pizza, but i"ll have to catch you guys next time. Maybe the next one we can do at a certain bar/resturaunt I work at, and could probably hook up a deal on food/beverages
  5. VIP party the 10th public grand opening the 11th, that's the plan
  6. Well I just talked to Corp. Communications and they say until the final site plan is handed to the Holland City Commission renderings are considered "confidential"... even though we show them to everyone who walks through the door So stay tuned, i'll post em as soon as I can, b/c they look saaaaweeeeet
  7. Shame on you!.. sorry.. love that place, great way to spend a sunday afternoon
  8. O'Tooles has it as well, and Margarita Grill I'm 98% sure had it, and may still...
  9. Actually most people call him mike. I think my mom and I are the only ones to call him Michael.. but with friends he's refered to as mike or mikey.. you'll have to ask him for a preference as we call him whatever we want and just make him deal with it
  10. Correction... I work at haworth.. mikey works as an insurance agent for my dad And yes, things are starting to happen here for the renovation. I have sweet renderings but am not sure if I can post them.. so I won't
  11. All I know that the ramps to 131 from 28th are all open ... oh you mean buildings
  12. I drove past there last night, and it looks like you can see past some of the paper in the windows. The guy running contruction may not like visitors, but they're doing applications so people always are "wandering in".
  13. Nope.. out of all the toys I own.. a digital camera is not one of them. You could always stop in and check it out yourself
  14. Bartend for them on the weekends My roomie is Asst. Mgr and i'm friends with the GM and Area Mgr. I went in there a couple of weeks ago, the wood work is pretty amazing, it looks awesome. I think you guys will be impressed.
  15. I love that one .. Good to see we're back in the "g" "d" rapids.. makes me laugh everytime
  16. We're shooting for the 10th, possibly the 17th if construction gets tied up . And it is looking sweet in there BTW.
  17. I'm guessing you're right. I check it whenever I'm around on the weekend, but considering I'm in front of a computer 8+ hours a day for work, weekends I give my eyeballs as much rest as possible
  18. You forgot the right icon... i'll bring him in
  19. holy crap, i'm laughing out loud here.. wow.. i really wish I could see that
  20. AAAAAAAAAAhahahahaahaha... college... awesome..
  21. I send that out everytime people around here get crabby, then one of my coworkers gets up and does the dance around our cube farm.. it's pretty entertaining
  22. nothing says friday like a dancin spiderman
  23. Michigan Rectal Center of Grand Rapids that name is just too funny.. "So.. where do you work?..."
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