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  1. GRDad will be sad he wasn't around and missed it or not. .man I'm like 2 seconds off on everything today... I'm just going to go home
  3. FYI, 3 posts till we meet and pass Detroit
  4. Must be 2nd level support.. cause here the helpdesk would make you reboot first.. if that didn't help, a tech would come out and kick it for you...
  5. Bridge Street Pizza across from montes is uber delicious at the 2am mark.. actually it's always good...
  6. I'll throw one in for not liking that crap Yesterdog makes a good morning snack too if you're in East Town..
  7. Yeah, I'm a little bummed, i have some down time today.. and uh, every site I usually visit is SLOW/nobody one em.. booo
  8. Yes, but he's also from 40 year old virgin.... thus the lonely souls reference
  9. More importantly 300.. well 299 now till we catch detroit..
  10. Nothing like the Cinimini and limo rides on a friday .. I dunno whats going on there
  11. Yes, that's the plan, which would be awesome as well, and shouldn't be a problem since they're all 21 and up anyways. As for across the street.. a bird told me that the Red Lion is going to be a 24 hour diner.. which I must say would be sweet for.. uh.. late night snacks. The other building is owned buy the same guys as Bridge Street Pizza. The scoopage on that last I heard was some sort of store/possible apartments upstairs/or possibly expanding the Pizzeria... but time will tell
  12. Since we haven't talked about it.. if you'll notice in the pic below (thanks GRDad): They're doing work finally between Monte's and O'tooles. That place is owned by the same two brothers and is rumored to be a Tapas style Bistro when completed (last i heard they were throwing that idea/jazz bar style idea around). It also will include a possible renovation of the basement connecting all 3 establishments with shared bathrooms (which would be an improvement for both Monte's and O'tooles in my opinion.... Of course.. this is just "word on the street" that i've gotten from somewhat better than average joes....
  13. Yeah, you know I tried a "Burger" from there on the way home from a DMB concert last year.. and at 1am.. even though starving, still was horrible
  14. Remind me to avoid that mess when it starts
  15. that would be AWESOME... b/c you're correct, the last thing we need is a 28th street replica...
  16. You're helping out a lot with that number too.. It seems like just yesterday I was reading your first post, now you're up to almost 1,300
  17. Well, the way i understand it, on the East Side, the post is owned by one "owner" who from the sounds of it "licenses" the name to another guy. They wanted to keep "The Post" an east side thing, so the guy ended up changing the name for the one over here. Some legal issues or something. Sorry it's a little generic, my roomie knows the owners of the Posts on the east side and was saying something about it, i was't paying all that much attention.
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