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  1. Nevermind.. did some searching.... Ford's Truck Assembly is actually the worlds largest (454,000 sq ft). Also out here in Holland I believe our new roof at Haworth's Corp Headquarters will be somewhere aound 50,000 sq ft. once the renovation is complete. http://www.interiordesign.net/index.asp?la...cleid=CA6355475
  2. I know at one time the Monte's/O'Tooles crew was looking at it (although I thought it fell through). I also know they have plans to open another bar/restaurant this fall someplace d/t.. maybe this is it?
  3. Not that I have heard of.. I heard it's supposed to be another "Irish Themed" sports bar.. aka.. McFaddenesque on game days...
  4. I wasn't a honor student but I (along with many others) did that at a lot of my classes.. Just sayin'
  5. A little late but: http://www.woodtv.com/Global/story.asp?S=6...p;nav=menu44_14
  6. Heh.. as twoshort said.. I just don't feel like posting all my personal info here. You can tell Tato next time I see the big blonde beotch at O'tooles (maybe this coming Sunday?) or McFadden's the 1st shot of rumples is on me .. Nice try with the reverse physchology though.. good touch!
  7. Impressive.... Kinda like wining the lotto.... but not really
  8. If you click on the link to the original posting with the pic in it, he's highlighted.. sheesh.. how exactly you know it's you is beyond me...
  9. Yes, he's posted a few times already with project updates and what's going on at Moxie/Churchill
  10. Yes, it's Tato's.. I know him personally, and he's pretty geeked about it opening.
  11. Yeah, it's being openend by a friend of mine. I'm not sure of the progress of it, but it's a hair salon/spa type thing above Ritz. I want to say it should be opening in the next couple months, but I'd have to check on that.
  12. This is just a guess.... but... From News 8 Search warrant served at Bridgewater Place http://woodtv.com/Global/story.asp?S=63306...mp;nav=menu44_1
  13. No kidding.. This morning was one of the worst drives to the lakeshore I've had all winter!
  14. Yeah.. that fact has been rehashed a few times in previous posts.
  15. This is true, employees have been told they will not be expected to open this Friday as planned, if at all. This all went down Monday night at Varnum, and has left a lot of people out of a job. One of the major financiers has backed out for various reasons that I'm not going to get into here.
  16. Were you skating? BMX?.. something sort of "extreme"?.. or did you just.. happen to fall on a rail clumsely....
  17. The Red Star that's going where Level used to be isn't a "big" corp thing. Their future website (not up yet) www.redstargr.com is registered to Mike Vorce, a successful GR businessman of (VoEx fame among others), the registrar has it registered to him with Emerson Group LLC at 333 Bridge Street as the Company. I can confirm that he is involved with the project along with another known partner and a few "silent" partners from what I've been told. Supposedly there's a Red Star Nightclub in New York and South Beach or something that's they're partnering with for the concept.
  18. Wouldn't suprise me, I think I saw another one too, just can't remember where (or maybe it was the same thing) and thought the same thing (maybe it was on a Level employees T-shirt). I do know they started Demo work on Level on Sunday.
  19. You are very right, It's not uncommon for places to change names/themes every 3-6 years to keep the "excitment". It happens a lot, not just here in Grand Rapids. A place may "appear" to change owners but in reality the same holding company still controls it. As for the Trance/House bar idea flopping, I disagree. Any time there's a house show at the Intersection it's packed, Crush has also had a pretty good run with similar music. Did the Stack close? Yes, but you have to realize something. The place is HUGE. In order to make it look busy, you have to have a LOT of people through the door consistantly. That's hard to do. I think on a smaller scale such as the property in question (especially if it's 1/2 of the floor space) would work fine. If your capacity is 50-150 people it's easy to keep it "busy" and the place to be. People don't want to hang out someplace that looks empty. I also would guess it may not be ear drum ringingly loud, but more of a "chill" place. Ultra Lounge style. Just my thoughts.
  20. Ok. I heard there's going to be a Restaurant in 1/2 and a nightclub/lounge type in the other 1/2 with a common kitchen serving both. Hearing who was involved with the project makes me think the lounge section will have a live house/trance DJ spinning on most nights. I would also guess the lounge will have a higher end feel, like a Chicago style place (bottle service, very nice atmosphere). Of course.. that's just a well informed rumor I had heard.. might be a Cracker Barrell for all I know..
  21. I heard a rumor this weekend.. it included 2 somethings actually.
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