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  1. And MAN does he make some weird faces.. hahaa
  2. http://www.bobbyjsdowntown.com/menus_initial.htm
  3. Probably because they have the same designer.. thus the renderings look pretty similar..
  4. Hahaha.. well we wouldn't want to go through withdrawl now would we.. ahaha
  5. You know.. to be honest I was a little worried, because that looks a LOT like snow on the ground
  6. Dead mice... Biohazardous materials.. The research assistants body who's head was so full of knowledge it exploded
  7. Are you talking about the hospital?.. cause.. uhm I think you walked into the wrong room
  8. Post Modern New Wave era is upon us? (ps. I feel the same way)
  9. Chris has some thoughts on it as well witha new rendering. http://www.mlive.com/grpress/knapescorner/
  10. Chris is on it too.. nice work dude http://www.mlive.com/grpress/knapescorner/
  11. You forgot the new rendering (I don't think we've seen it from this angle yet)
  12. If we're talking about general area, the house and estate/Horse Farm that I believe the Masts (of Mast Greenhouses) built on 100th and Hana Lake in Caledonia is absoulutely beautiful and extremely LARGE.
  13. Yeah, I changed my post b/c I didn't know if that was exactly the correct style. But yeah I agree it makes me wanna puke a little in my mouth. I would HATE coming home to that crap everywhere. That and the "Country Nick Knack" style do NOTHING for me.
  14. I know everyone has different tastes.. but a lot of times when I look at "Monster Homes" in various areas (I do love looking at them that's for sure), or see specials on TV, they're decorated in a very middle ages, "hey I think it's still 1684 AD", style (not sure what the official "Era" is to classify it). Wonder why that is, I think it's sooooo tacky. Is it because theyr'e big enough to be a castle so the owner feels the need to decorate it as such? It could be because I'm under 30 and don't know anything about decorating though
  15. I heard very recently that they resold it due to some political issues.
  16. It really suprises me that they decided on this location. I would think they could do MUCH better downtown in the bar district based on what I know about this Bar/Restaurant. They seem to go for a nightlife crowd, and I don't see that happening at the mall.
  17. I've seen a couple already. There's one next to Best Buy on the E-Beltline and 28th. Then there's always the Kostume Room on 36th just west of 131 which is always open.
  18. Or what?.. Is there a Monetary fine for running long? Or do they bring in the bulldozers and plow it all under and say "Try Again"
  19. Surroundings being? Run down buildings, parking lots, scrap yards, train tracks and 131? Are you talking specifically about the Eberhard Center, Devos Campus or both? I would agree that the original Eberhard building was a little... bland, but with the recent additions, I think it fits just fine.
  20. That's the one.. he's a regular Tuesday nighter there It's usually a good mix of Calvin students, young adults, old time regulars, smoke and good music.
  21. So I was driving by yesterday and I have a question about the glass being hung. Is anyone concerned that the "greenish" color will look extremely dated say in 7-10 years? It's the same color as some of the glass on the Bus Station it looked. While I don't mind it in small portions (like the bus station), having the whole building that color makes me wonder about the long term sustainability (if you want to call it that) of the color.
  22. Haha we moved our empties with us last time... yeah we had like $200 last time we returned
  23. Speaking of Turner.. they're making it feel like i'm working in the middle of an earthquake right now.. in Holland
  24. Just do what I do.. and have more responses per page.. I only see 3 pages of Meijer goodness
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