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  1. Is that the same one as: http://woodtv.com/Global/story.asp?S=5119608 (nevermind.. the picture just loaded and yes it is)
  2. Hahaha.. never satisfied.. From the rendering it looks like there will be a lot of glass on the ground floor as well...
  3. Google also does a decent job http://www.google.com/ig?source=wcaw
  4. Hehe.. yeah I just checked it out.. and there were lots of hairy men in whitie tighties....
  5. I just saw something on the History Channel about them. They pay factory workers something like $15+ an hour in LA and manufacture everything here instead of in China. They treat employees what looked to be VERY well. Cool company and story.
  6. Heh... bring out the slide rule and get off MY LAWN...
  7. MSPaint.... Or for the old timers.. something like.. NeoPaint or DOS Paint?
  8. I know a few myself.. they're not bad.. you could see a bunch of them "in action" at Kale's any given night
  9. Firestation down by Cottage Bar/One Trick Pony... forget the street names
  10. Urban Planet Grand Rapids... A: Of useful information
  11. What kinda car do you drive? Those lights look very Xeonish...
  12. Maybe GRDad can set his camera to auto-take pics every few seconds and lower it down on a string
  13. I was out.. O'tooles then McFaddens.. left just before the trip over to the BOB, b/c unlike some of my friends.. I have 8am meetings..
  14. Had a few at O'tooles last night.. they were YUMMY
  15. It was pre-planned I know that, because I heard about it on the radio this morning on the way to work.
  16. I'm heading out tonight.. dunno about Sugar.. the LA wanna-be bar star kids kinda kill me, but I may venture over there, haven't been to the latest "theme" night yet.
  17. Not me, I see some of them, but others are pieces of paper.. the polls are now little papers bar charts on them... it's definately changed.. hit CTRL-F5 to force it to recache all your images.. see if that works
  18. on the left on the thread title when browsing the forum index.. some stuff has changed..
  19. Anyone else dislike the new thread icons?.. I sure do
  20. And we all love our sources lately I kid.... I can't wait for more of this caliber option for eating out around town. D/t would be extra sweet.
  21. Thanks jeff.... I think you may have just made it WORSE
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