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  1. I'm impressed he has so much free time at work speaking of which.. back to it...
  2. Alright kids, I'm leaving for mexico now.. have fun in MI.. don't miss me to much (Although it's supposed to get really warm here too I guess)
  3. Awesome Pano of Paris http://www.arnaudfrichphoto.com/paris-pano...ue-360-110.htma
  4. .. Heh.. michigan is even worse.. so Puerto Vallarta here I come
  5. Something to the effect of "Boy Paul, I hope you have a wonderful time in the 85 and sunny heat. Have a beerski at the swim up bar for me sometime in the 7 days you're there! Oh and remember your sun block!"
  6. I'm busy thinking about: 1 week..
  7. Yeah we would.... BUT there's still 36 people on right now.. a lot of "guests'
  8. farting is funny.. always will be that way, especially with guys... man.. a 45 y/o man will still act like an 8 year old when farting or noises representing them are involved.. that's one of the many leasons I've learned in the corp. world
  9. You're right.. its Uptown Village, by our very own LighthouseDave
  10. That's why I went with the paid subscription.. help pay for our bandwidth sucking..
  11. Who's that sexy sexy man in the Orange...
  12. Me having access to that much beer wouldn't be that great of an idea.. for business or my health
  13. Are they like.. Sammiches? Hey I heard a rumor about a certain 2 guys buying Tapps and Gardellas.. anyone else hear this?
  14. hahaha.. you can set one in your "My Controls" at the top right part of the pages... first you have to find one to upload..
  15. 20 people on.. almost 11pm.. wow.. awesome..
  16. The same way mine soon will be orange? Actually, I think red is the "Site Owners", Blue is Moderator, Orange is Premium Member, Purple is a "Plus" member, green is someone over a certain amount of posts and the others are just normal newbies..
  17. If you're that interested.... why not just call them and ask them for some information... Ask for thier "Elevator Speech"...
  18. WAAAAAY to clear a picture to be jayblogger
  19. Hmm.. what DO they do... it appears they consult your company on innovation or something?.. Weird.. someone get a hold of them..
  20. Exactly what it was. It started as a marketing/sales project from GVSU's SSB I believe. It then used the Entrepreneur Incubator there to bring it to market.
  21. I've got a copy of Haworthopoly I can sell you
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