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  1. I think it'll look better once it's complete and has the metal "filler" between the glass..
  2. I saw yesterday on my weekly pilgramage to o'tooles that Monte's has a whole new facade/windows. Looks really nice, someone who drives by it everyday should take a picture to share with us Now if only I could see past the black tarps they have on the other side of those windows blocking my view....
  3. GR To Holland was fine, just wet roads and the random snow shower..
  4. So I bought a Canon SD450 tonight.. seems like a sweet camera so far, lots of toys on it.... not sure if you'll be seeing any urban pics anytime soon.. but I may have some pics from an up comming trip to mexico
  5. I'll pat ya on the back so you don't need to stretch your arm...
  6. Nah, I'll go the Hudsonville one on my way home (good excuse to HAVE to leave early ).. And if anyone wants, come down to McFadden's Saturday for the Birthday bash. I'll be there after the Bachelor Auction (probably around 10ish). If you wanna go, just say you're with Paul's Birthday Party, you'll get $3 well drinks, and $3 glasses of wine till midnight.. even if you don't come say hi I'll be the one in the black Tux with the very bright pink vest and tie
  7. You could always print them out and tape them side by side
  8. I use MSPaint all the time for my High Quality digital art I make.. My latest work is called "Digital Crayon Drawing"
  9. No..they weren't sure, but we have a forum here that people can ask the CEO questions about anything.. and that's how it came up, someone asked why they were fighting
  10. That's the rumor whenever a story about them hits our intranet site..
  11. Nope.. i'm a good citizen and forwarded my mail... Unless they don't forward that crap.
  12. We have 2 swans.. they're marired I think that hang out in 1 of our ponds all winter. Never leave, pretty strange. Is dumb as it sounds, they got in a fight over the summer, and one hung out in 1 pond, and the other one hung out in the other pond all summer. Lovers quarrel I guess, kinda like sleeping on the couch. (And yes we keep track of these things around here)
  13. Wow.. I just realizedI have to go get my tabs since my B-Day is sunday... Wonder why I haven't gotten my reminder from the DMV ... Guess I have lunch plans today
  14. So.... we're guessing we could put most the building in d/t in that hole and not see the top .... Hate to be that guy. "What do you want me to do today boss?" "Dig a hole over there" "How deep" "Eeeeehhhh, lets say about 6 stories, he's some boards to keep the dirt from falling in on ya" " "
  15. That's correct, SouthWest is a pretty amazing case study on how to do things right in the airline industry. One of the reasons flights are so expensive is due to fuel costs. How does SouthWest do it? They have extremely good business credit, and can sign long term fixed pricing deals on fuel. Airlines like NWA, and others that have filed for Bankruptcy don't have that luxury, they have to pay market rates. That alone costs the non-fixed price airlines to lose MILLIONS immediately from the bottom line. FWIW, There was a story about this on NPR a while back, so I'm not just spewing things out of my rear. EDIT: I also believe that the EU subsidizes part of the airline industry, I'll have to do some looking
  16. Coulda been childrens magazine.. I can see the cover of it in my brain, just not the title..
  17. Hmmm.. you know what.. it was a show.. the magazine was something else. crap I can't remember, started with a C i'm positive. But I remember the show too!
  18. Of course I did BASIC.. how do you think I got to be where I am .. I used to get this magazine when I was a kid, "3,2,1 Contact" that had a BASIC program in it every issue. Man those were the good old days. I remember our first 8088 had a "Turbo" button . SWWEEEEEET!
  19. Hahahaha.. I remember the # for an email address.. sweet
  20. This is the only site i've had problems with today.. my life would be completely different if the internet wasn't around. My job would suck bad, b/c the internet is how I research new things for work, and figure out problems... Plus Email, and B2B stuff cuts down a LOT on man hours for our entire company. I would be much less productive both Personally (online banking/bill pay) and Profesionally
  21. Is it just me or has the site been reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally slow today.. like 1993, 2400 baud modem slow?
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