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  1. Wondered how your night went after McFaddens... Slow around here today, did EVERYONE have a long weekend like Mike?
  2. Yeah, and the eyes light up red at night.. although I heard they may be having surgery to correct the color to a more "irish" look
  3. It may be we see them because of Comcast... Maybe they just blanket advertise (are there any in Detroit?)...
  4. Probably thinking Checkers on 28th and Madison.. they look almost the same
  5. 34 users on now.. we keep gettin bigger!
  6. Good thing I mute the sound at work.. that would have sucked..
  7. Yes.. finally a Hamlet after 450 post..
  8. What's up with the Weston? I'd imagine that is some premium real estate with a premium parking lot next to it not making much off of itself? How come somebody hasn't converted that thing into high end living/retail?
  9. I nominate them the worst Website Design EVER Sorry
  10. It could have.. if it weren't named Clark Place
  11. So, on my weekly trek to O'tooles yesterday, I peaked in the window of Montes. When they said remodel... they really meant to say "Gut the whole damn place of EVERYTHING". Nothing is left in there, not even the bathrooms... I think i'll keep a weekly update going since i'm next door almost every sunday (which makes mondays suck just a little more)
  12. Hmmmm.. where did you sit.. and what time.. I remember serving a few Ruebens friday evening (sorry you left hungry btw... )
  13. Anyone else notice how nice it looks outside?
  14. Wow.. as of right now, there is only 2 registered users viewing.. I think it's a month low point
  15. You may want to tell NEO there are two of the Offtopic ones in the list
  16. Is that 24 hour period, or since midnight? b/c I don't think I've posted THAT much already
  17. Guess that means we're twice as efficient..
  18. it WAS a slow day at work.. and from experience, I can tell you, missing a few days is horrible...
  19. We celebrated it yesterday by going to O'tooles.. by the time we got done it was dark out again..
  20. no sun here in holland.. it's dark and crappy outside
  21. That's because there's lots going on.. and we're motor mouths..
  22. You realize you just advertised that to the internet
  23. Yeah, we win all kinds of crazy awards.. our newest chair being "Zody" is always winning this or that award... I'd like to take the credit.. but I'm about as far removed as one could possibly be from the actual manufacturing of furniture..
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