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  1. sucks for those people I'm sure they are ALL law abiding citizens and wouldn't THINK of underage drinking either
  2. I got snagged by my boss as I was leaving.. Office Space style.. ah well home now..
  3. Nah, they'd just abuse it.... is it time to go home yet?
  4. Holy crap you posted 50 times just today?
  5. After Irish Jiggin all night I got here at 10:30, and already had a ton to read... I can't even imagine trying to read all this in one sitting after work.
  6. Flood control just means you can't post more than 1 thing in less than 30 seconds. It means you're working the system pretty hard
  7. Or you're like me when I got my tounge pierced, and those endorphines make you spew your french fries all over the place once it's done..
  8. It has been rather busy around here. Everytime refresh I have something new and exciting to look at
  9. Wow.. you just had to didn't you. The only thing saving that post is Spiderman sadly...
  10. Dude.. I was so mad this morning when my alarm went off and it was playing "Silver Bells".. WTF is that all about, it's not even thanksgiving yet
  11. i would agree, but some of the stores you find in Chicago/East Side (H&M, Urban Outfitter) offer other brands that are just hard to find here, such a diesel. Granted many people look at you funny when you say you paid $150 for jeans that are pre-ripped/stained. I'm not sure how big of a market we have here in GR for that price range of clothing.
  12. Yeah, there will be two outdoor bars once we get through the cold winter.
  13. Probably not much street value as we passed out some rediculous amount of passes for both nights, all I can offer you is the advice to get there early (I've been to other grand openings before, and they're nuts). As for Coyote Ugly.. uhm i think i'll be to busy running around like an idiot behind the bar to get up and dance , but I'll see if i can work something out.
  14. No, you just may have to wait in line.
  15. Well since you brought it up, I've tried almost everything on the menu, and there's a lot of really good stuff.. if anyone is going tonight, i'll be there someplace.. you can play where's PBJ..
  16. Yeah, and with them being kind of "outta the loop" as far as location (at least until I win the lotto and build my retail center there), they had better get on top of that, or they'll be part of the 80% (or whatever the stat is) that don't make it past 1 year.
  17. Yep, it's open 11:30am till 2am 7 days a week. Ate there last night, food was pretty tasty. People were outside eating with thier dogs sitting next to them, it was pretty cool. Wasn't very busy, but I haven't heard or seen any Ads for the place, they'll need to pick it up a bit to stay open long. They havea a cool "Feature" in the bathroom, you can look out over the bar through a one way glass/mirror from the urinals .. i thoughtt it was funny... /oh and from 3-7 is happy hour with 3.50 Woodstini or $1 off any other drink.. $1.50 Budlight Pint is tasty..
  18. It was this summer we were discussing that rumor SuperNOVA brought it up in this thread here. /back to the topic at hand
  19. Yeah from what I've heard it's open. It was open for "friends and family" on saturday and people in "the biz" have told me it's open full time now. From what i've heard it is a REALLY cool concept bar/restaurant
  20. Clear as day.. Chicken and Egg problem, can't have one with out the other, but what comes first, the people then the retailers, or the retailers then the people..
  21. If nobody minds, i'm starting a new thread, since this is trailing off the topic at hand of "The village" but I think it's a good discussion... Brb with a new thread
  22. Guess I can't be to upset, what with all the friday afternoons I'm known for leaving early and what not...
  23. i'm wondering how you're posting when you should be at work
  24. VIP Passes are for Thursday the 10th's VIP opening
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