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  1. The master plan update calls for complete demo of the existing concourses and have them rebuilt alongside the new one. The new three will all be connected via a central security with access to all three terminals. I bet there will be a lot of options in the coming years. Airport will probably be unrecognizable in 15 years.
  2. Yep, you all would be correct. Definitely a management issue. David Neilman definitely went to hard and to fast this time around. Hopefully they can save themselves down the road. Sucks they made their image look so terrible. That’s a big reason why I left the company. Among other things. ORF and Breeze have a bright future if they can get their act together.
  3. Bad Breeze news. Like I predicted a few months ago the A220 has been a monumental failure. Breeze tried to launch it way to soon and the entire company has paid for it. ORF-LAX has been canceled until February 2023. It was supposed to launch next week. ORF -HPN (White Plans NY) down to only 2x a week. LAS still remains as of now. Not only ORF is effected. If you are interested here is the complete list: - BNA-TUL canceled until October - CAK-PBI canceled "permanently" - CHS-PBI canceled until October - CMH-PBI canceled "permanently" - XNA-MSY canceled until October - PVD-CMH canceled "permanently" - HPN-CHS reduce to 2x weekly until Oct. - SDF-CHS canceled until September - MSY-JAX canceled until October - MSY-SDF canceled until September (30) - MSY-SAV inaugural delayed from Sept to Oct - ORF-HPN reduce to 2x weekly until October - BDL-PIT canceled until October - PVD-SAV canceled until February 2023 -RIC-JAX canceled "permanently" after tomorrow.
  4. Does anyone know whatever happened with this gem of an idea. I can only dream of not sitting in traffic…
  5. Provo routes were announced. Only 5, all from Provo to the west coast. After they staff Provo more, ORF might see it soon.
  6. Breeze to announce new Provo base shortly. Unsure if ORF is included. Will know more soon. Potential for an ORF- Provo (Salt Lake City)
  7. Hi everyone. Small Breeze update. The A220 Launch has been delayed to the end of May. So far not a major impact to ORF. A new route as announced at 2AM: ORF to Westchester/White Plains, NY (HPN) First flight from ORF is on June 30th. 5x a week. This is supposed to be an A220 route. This means ORF is getting another A220 based here. This is a big rumor I hear at work: Breeze is going to use all new gates that are being added to concourse A. They will have easy access to gate A1 which is the international gate for incoming international flights. This is just a rumor going around, so I have no idea if it’s true. It makes sense, and ORF has the easiest expansion potential out of all of their focus city’s. Thats all!
  8. The old one was one of the longest in the country, and the upkeep was just to much. I’d be willing to bet this time it will be two separate ones. It will lead to the checkin area / security since they will combine TSA for A, B, and future C. There will be a new Departure and Arrival terminal, similar to Richmond. Super cool to see how this pans out!
  9. It sucks we have to be so dependent on the Navy for this. They have such a large presence in our area so you’d think they’d be happy to see the airport expand. Let alone we’re talking about a flight path maybe 75 feet from the current runway…
  10. Yup!! Just before this announcement Breeze worked out our catering issue that I mentioned previously! The A220 is coming to ORF, and it’s going to be here to stay. Breeze needs more gates. We currently use B16, B17, and B18. However, we share B17 and 18 with Frontier. It’ll be interesting to see what their plan is! I’m guessing at least 2 A220s will be based in ORF to start. Next base opening is Provo in Utah, Near Salt Lake City. Definitely wouldn’t be surprised if we end up getting that route.
  11. Quick update. The Public announcement for the BDL base is tomorrow. No news as of yet on ORF but that’ll come shortly.
  12. I know it’s really unfortunate. I’m a local to here to, so I jumped at the opportunity to work for this company. Everything still isn’t set in stone, things change so fast in this company. We have another meeting today, i’ll update if we hear anything new. The main reason it’s so hard for Breeze at Norfolk is because of their business model. They only want to work routes with zero competition. They won’t touch a route with majors(I.e any other airline). We’re launching Islip and West Palm Beach this week. Hopefully they go well. I’m almost positive West Palm will be another Tampa. If they could sort out their catering issue and have a couple more gates it’d definitely make it harder for them to want to leave. I would doubt they’d jump ship until they get everything situated with the A220, which now isn’t going to fly passengers until July. Along with a situated base in BDL. At least a year I would imagine. A lot can happen in that time frame. But, you can look on their job website and see their already hiring for BDL.
  13. I work for Breeze as a FA. I can provide some updates from meetings. Firstly Norfolk airport has a major catering issue with Breeze. Currently all of our A/C get catered on a turn in Pittsburg. The catering company breeze partners with is not in norfolk. This is a large issue when breeze is trying to expand. Secondly, Breeze has had low passenger counts on its flights. I see this first hand nearly everyday. The best preforming routes would be Tampa and Providence. The other routes had to be cut back, and even one was suspended. So this lead breeze to make the call to move their base from ORF to BDL. This hasn’t been announced yet, it will most likely be postponed due to the problems their having with the A220. But that’s another story. In short the Norfolk base will stay open to Charter operations. This means the base will simply house flight attendants and pilots and a few breeze E jets. Their charter operations are very strong and pulling in over 100k per. Norfolk will still receive Breeze flights it will just no longer be a focus city. More on this will follow in the future. But internally, they’ve already stopped sending new people to this base.
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