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  1. Hello Greenvillians (is that correct? ) I'm not looking to move to Greenville (yet...I'm still in college), but I want to take a trip down there sometime next month, and I figured this would be an appropriate topic to ask questions in. Me and some friends took a random trip from Asheville down to Greenville last summer and we loved it. We walked down Main Street and were amazed by how lively everything was and how there was so much to do. Unfortunately we had to leave sooner than expected (we only got to stay 2 hours). Last weekend, I was on i-26 coming back from Charleston. Instead of just taking 26 straight to Asheville, I decided to take 385 and go through Greenville. When 385 ended, I got lost downtown. While I was trying to find my way back to highway 25, I drove through many things we didn't get to see last time we went, such as West End/South Main and the rest of North Main. Once again, I was amazed and wanted to make plans to come back very soon. So I ask all you Greenville residents for any suggestions for our next trip down there. Any help is appreciated
  2. Don't know if anyone has heard of this website: I-26 Connector Awareness Group Has some interesting stuff on there. I suggest looking at the Traffic Analysis at the bottom of the page (viewable in a PDF of Powerpoint version).
  3. jr7777

    Asheville Mall

    pics from south tunnel road: leaving the asheville mall and passing the asheville mall these are about a month old.
  4. Oh I know that much, i'm just asking if James Island were to incorporate again, would the borders be signifigantly reduced or would it be close to the same?
  5. "Thank you for shopping at Kmart!" Seriously, the woman has issues. Have you read the official James Island website? She comes off as conceided to me. That's funny because on the James Island website she says: And is this map still accurate? Or has James Island been reduced a lot by people annexing into Charleston?
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