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  1. Recommended for board approval last week in Caledonia. Nothing too exciting, residential project across from Kettle Lake school.
  2. I agree that Wilson needs to be widened, but Broadmoor does need it badly. There will be a Meijer going in next to the Meijer gas station before too long, and 84th and Broadmoor might be the most dangerous 'rural' intersection in the area.
  3. This is more Kent County parks, but FYI rumor is the bulk of the old silver lake country club is going to be converted to a county park and the remaining land is going to be housing.
  4. I count 5 cul-de-sacs and see connecting sidewalks between each. I don't think that's a bad ratio because intersections increase costs and reduce lot yield. A balance makes the most sense.
  5. I think it's better than a straight zone. The varied home types allow people from all walks of life to purchase a home. Ubiquitous 90' lots are worse imo. Plus at least it looks like they're trying by including amenities... definitely not ideal but this is what's needed to help supply keep up. What style developments do you want to see more of?
  6. Yes. It'll be interesting to see if it can get entitled, it's going to be an uphill battle. It's 592 units, lots 65-90', duplexes, villas, 'courtyard-style' homes, and front and rear-loaded townhomes. Pool, clubhouse (restored/renovated), pickleball courts, nature path, 'wet' ponds, dog park. Reminiscent of Bailey's Grove, Lowing Woods, Hathaway Lakes, etc... Developer allegedly already purchased 1/2 the golf course so something will probably happen.
  7. The issue is that every municipality is extremely sensitive to development projects and it's very difficult to get approvals to get lots in the ground to build the houses.
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